This is the same update as in f25. I haven't time to get this into f24 so far.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2017-8a8a92b52e

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works for me

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3 years ago
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This update has been pushed to stable.

3 years ago

What kind of update description is this? Come on... Also, you haven't explained or even mentioned the new dependency on libfastjson. So now I have two json libraries on my system where I had just one before (json-c is still required by abrt, so I can't remove it). And no, the argument that it takes just 56KB on disk isn't valid. Now, I did find out that upstream switched from any json-c compatible library to libfastjson on 2016-02-03, but the point is I shouldn't have to figure out why there's a new dependency on my own. Not to mention that introducing new dependencies is against stable updates policy. As is jumping from 8.12 to 8.24. It seems like a big change which should be avoided in N-1 stable release unless there's a good reason. I don't see any.

Hi rathan,

Sorry, I did it automatically.

The change from json-c to libfastjson was inevitable because json-c is absolutely not threadsafe and rsyslog could have thousands of threads so you can imagine what was happening with rsyslog. Libfastjson is a fork of json-c refactored by rsyslog upstream and now it works better. It was upstream decision and I as fedora maintainer have to accept it. Yes it is possible to compile rsyslog with json-c but do we want to? Do we want buggy rsyslog that is segfaulting all the time?

I understand that this was a big jump but F24 deserves it. This jump was caused by former maintainer that didn't care about fedora updates and rsyslog wasn't updated a year.

I see. That's the kind of information that would be extremely valuable in the release notes. Please make sure you include it next time your update adds new dependencies. Thanks.

BTW: i am really PISSED of such pointless renames

/etc/logrotate.d/syslog als /etc/logrotate.d/syslog.rpmsave gesichert

there is a good reason that i touched that file on every machine: /var/log/maillog is supposed to be rolled only once in a month by a own cronjob becuase otherwise pflogsum monthly stats are not roking

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