security update in Fedora 26 for nx-libs and x2goserver

Status: stable a year ago


  • Don't allow overriding of X.Org Server UNIX sockets via TEMP/NX_TEMP environment variables. Fixes problems on machines that use pam_tempdir.so.
  • Fix CVE-2017-2624 (timingsafe_memcmp) by Ulrich Sibiller.
  • Potentially improve LAN- and WAN-type connection speed settings scenarios. Includes a regression fix for VPN connections by Simon Matter.
  • Fix problems in mate-color-picker and potentially also other applications that make heavy use of RENDER trapezoids.


  • Fixed overzealous nxagent socket removal.
  • Keyboard mapping fixes, including preparation for usage with Arctica's nx-libs version (not supported in this version of X2Go Server, yet).
  • Support for Devuan and RT OS full desktop session spawning.
  • Always use short host name, don't rely on ${HOSTNAME} variable. Compatibility with non-bash login shells.
  • Spawn full desktop sessions with a new dbus user session instance.
  • Finnish translation update.
  • Added support for LXQt full desktop sessions.
  • New command: x2golistshadowsessions.

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  • nx-libs-
  • x2goserver-

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  • nx-libs-
  • x2goserver-

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