bugfix update in Fedora 26 for f26-backgrounds

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This update uses default wallpaper in jpg format to address a bug from mutter rendering animated png files.

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I have concerns about this. Primarily, the JPEG images are of visibly low quality. The fine detail in the trees here is like a torture-test for JPEG compression. I can see obvious-as-JPEG-artifacts with compression in GIMP at 95% (and these seem to have been saved at 90%). To my eye, at 98% or higher there is still some visible loss but it blends in to the overall texture and isn't discernible as JPEG at least. One possible way to save more space is to use chroma subsampling, which does have a subtle overall effect but is less obvious on inspection without a reference.


  1. I'm worried about losing the PNG image this late in the cycle, because I'm not sure what all might be referencing it.

  2. The dawn, dusk, and night images aren't just color shifts; the hills behind the trees change in weird ways.

  3. In the previous version, there was no "foreground fog" on the dawn, dusk, and night images, but here it is there in all three with no change in color, which means there's a lot of contrast at night. I'm not opposed to the "fog at night" look, but I think the texture of the brush jumps out too much here.

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Changing the default background from png to jpg is a bad idea. a) the symlink to /usr/share/background/default.png is broken. b) lightdm desktop-manager use /usr/share/background/default.png in greeter config, in result lightdm login screen has a black backgound.

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Breaks lightdm backaground

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This update has been obsoleted.

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