FEDORA-2017-b15d219159 created by kalev 2 years ago for Fedora 26

gtk+ 3.22.21 release.

  • Add input hints for Emoji, that let applications indicate whether entries would benefit from Emoji support or not
  • Add support for cloud services in GtkPlacesSidebar. This adds a new, optional dependency on libcloudproviders

Bugs fixed:

  • 468868 Popup of "appears-as-list" ComboBox does not change screen with its top...
  • 618160 Documentation for gtk_combo_box_get_active_iter is unclear
  • 705640 GtkWindow incorrectly requires a default screen
  • 729651 Crash in GtkFileChooserButton with appears-as-list
  • 759725 Setting Container:border-width on TextView breaks gesture positions
  • 766909 Tooltip of the eject button is a bit confusing - or just missing
  • 774134 GtkExpander: input window of title extends over child, if :expanded is ...
  • 775074 GtkScrolledWindow does not disconnect all GtkAdjustment signal handlers...
  • 776937 GtkExpander is incorrectly hiding content.
  • 780750 Shift + click in GtkEntry doesn't select
  • 783649 negative content width warning in GtkLevelbar
  • 785306 FileChooserNativeQuartz: two fixes
  • 785736 textview: fix bug on DnD displaced limits of selection
  • 786029 clicking on gtk-slider makes the parent disappear
  • 786123 GtkPlacesSidebar: Add support for libcloudproviders
  • 786209 X11: GtkPopover positioning doesn't "avoid" CSD window shadows
  • 786492 Incorrect scaling factor with Vulkan on Wayland
  • 786553 Wrong example number in Gtk Tutorial
  • 786771 Critical about mismatched GdkDisplays when opening Inspector combobox
  • 786841 Emoji categories are always in English
  • 786885 Add explanatory tooltip to emoji icon
  • 786932 Let the "type-func" override the object's "class" attribute when gettin...
  • 786938 Emoji picker wrongly opens when clicking on primary icon too
  • 786940 ::icon-pressed handler stays connected when setting :show-emoji-icon to...
  • 786960 Emoji chooser: don't show 'insert Emoji' item in emoji chooser context ...
  • 786964 Emoji Chooser: Can't scroll clicking on the scroll bar
  • 786966 Emoji chooser: unnecessary spacing b/w some rows in search result
  • 786986 text_window_to_widget_coords broken when Container:border-width > 0
  • 787103 gtk3-widget-factory crashes on exit after inserting an emote on page3
  • 787158 gtk_widget_get_preferred_width on GtkToolbar gives wrong minimum width
  • 787195 gtk_toolbar_set_show_arrow does not show an arrow
  • 786956 EmojiChooser: Fix theming on Adwaita:dark, HighContrast, etc
  • 738893 ComboBox in appears-as-list mode: Finishing scroll with mouse causes...
  • 786613 Adwaita: provide a generic sidebar icon and label styling
  • 787172 EmojiChooser: Improve selection of section buttons
  • 787279 EmojiChooser: Hovered emoji become impossible to see in HighContrast...
  • 787280 HighContrast: Fix regression in vertical separator in titlebar headerbar
  • 787410 entry: fix memory leak

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2017-b15d219159

This update has been submitted for testing by kalev.

2 years ago

This update has been pushed to testing.

2 years ago
User Icon cserpentis commented & provided feedback 2 years ago

works for me

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User Icon bojan commented & provided feedback 2 years ago

Noticed no regressions.

User Icon renault commented & provided feedback 2 years ago

Works well

User Icon nathan95 commented & provided feedback 2 years ago

ok no regression noted :)

User Icon kparal commented & provided feedback 2 years ago

gtk apps seem to work fine

User Icon decathorpe commented & provided feedback 2 years ago

No issues encountered.

This update has been submitted for stable by bodhi.

2 years ago

This update has been pushed to stable.

2 years ago

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