FEDORA-2017-b1d9f0cf71 created by ellert 2 years ago for Fedora 27

Version 4.8.0

New Features

  • [XrdCl] Local redirection and local file support.
  • [XrdCl] merge xrdfs ls results if not unique, closes #541.
  • [XrdCl] Provide client specific CGI info.
  • [XrdCl] File::WriteV implementation, closes #388.
  • [XrdHttp] Pass the HTTP verb to the external handler for path matching.
  • [XrdHttp] Allow one to access the XrdSecEntity object associated with a request.
  • [XrdHttp] Allow filtering based on HTTP verb in MatchesPath.
  • [XrdHttp] Allow overwrites to be done on PUT.
  • [XrdHttp] Allow multiple external handlers to be loaded by XrdHttp.

Major bug fixes

  • [Server] Correctly handle monEnt on file close to avoid SEGV. Fixes #618.
  • [Server] Poperly handle file descriptors up to 65535. Fixes #607.
  • [Server] Fix handling of >65K attached files (active links). Fixes #623.
  • [Server] Make sure doPost does not become <0 (regression introduced in 4.7.1).
  • [Proxy] Avoid SEGV when localroot specified w/o remote root. Fixes #627.
  • [XrdCl] Connection Window should be applied per IP address. Fixes #625.
  • [XrdCl] Write request and raw data with single writev, fixes #609.
  • [XrdHttp] Allow XrdSfsGetDefaultFileSystem to be called multiple times.
  • [XrdHttp] Correct external handling logic.
  • [XrdSecgsi] Use stack for proper cleaning of invalidated CRLs and CAs.

Minor bug fixes

  • [Server] Print error msg and close socket when a FD cannot. be handled.
  • [Server] Close additional loophole for fstream disconnect.
  • [Server] Always unhook the statistcs object from xfr monitoring if hooked.
  • [Server] Ruggedize TPC to be less sensitive to protocol violations.
  • [Server] Correct tpc directive scanning and make it more obvious. Fixes #604.
  • [Server] Enable url rewrites. Eliminates GSI roadblock.
  • [Server] Do not reference a deleted object.
  • [XrdSsi] Make sure to finalyze all requests upon disc, fixes #616.
  • [XrdHttp] Handle properly http.secretkey.
  • [XrdCl] various memory releated fixes.
  • [XrdPy] Translate binary buffers into bytes objects, closes #632

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2017-b1d9f0cf71

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