enhancement update in Fedora 27 for ejabberd, erlang-cache_tab, & 10 more

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This update has been submitted for testing by bowlofeggs.

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This update has been pushed to testing.

ejabberd 17.09 fails to start on F-27. 17.07 is the last version that works. If it may help, erl is invoked in ejabberdctl in a completely different way between both versions. I didn't investigate the root cause of the problem further :

17.07 : /usr/lib64/erlang/bin/erl -sname ejabberd@localhost +K true -smp auto +P 250000 -mnesia dir '"/var/lib/ejabberd"' -ejabberd log_rate_limit 100 log_rotate_size 10485760 log_rotate_count 1 log_rotate_date '""' -s ejabberd -noinput -detached

17.09: /usr/lib64/erlang/bin/erl -sname 639022e8-ctl-ejabberd@localhost +K true -smp auto +P 250000 -hidden -noinput -s ejabberd_ctl -extra ejabberd@localhost --ctl-config /etc/ejabberd/ejabberdctl.cfg --spool /var/lib/ejabberd --logs /var/log/ejabberd start

with the error : Failed RPC connection to the node ejabberd@localhost: nodedown

karma: -1 #1427123: -1

Bodhi is disabling automatic push to stable due to negative karma. The maintainer may push manually if they determine that the issue is not severe.

This update has reached 7 days in testing and can be pushed to stable now if the maintainer wishes

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bowlofeggs edited this update.

Thanks for testing @bellet - I can reproduce the problem here too.

This update has been unpushed.

I believe the problem is that the script has changed in two ways: The first is that it uses $1 in the case statement at the end to determine which command you are running. The old invocation worked with arguments first and then the command, but now the command (such as start or stop must be the first positional argument. This needs to be fixed in the systemd unit file.

After fixing that, I found another problem. When invoked with sudo, ejabberdctl uses su to switch to the ejabberd user. This would be fine, except that the ejabberd user's shell is set to nologin so this fails. The unit file runs the script as ejabberd so that not necessarily a problem there, but it would affect using ejabberdctl on the command line to manage the server. This is fixed by inserting a -s /bin/sh in the su line in exec_cmd().

I also found a third issue, which is that the new mod_avatar module seems to be enabled by default, but ejabberd is not built with graphics support. I must have failed to notice that it was enabled in the default config, so I will alter the config to switch that off. IIRC, we need to package a new dependency in order to make mod_avatar work. We can do that, but i haven't had the time so far.

Thanks again for testing! I am sad that i didn't notice these things before posting the update.

I've filed #1524199 to track the issue.

bowlofeggs edited this update.

New build(s):

  • ejabberd-17.09-2.fc27

Removed build(s):

  • ejabberd-17.09-1.fc27

Karma has been reset.

This update has been submitted for testing by bowlofeggs.

This update has been pushed to testing.

This update has reached 7 days in testing and can be pushed to stable now if the maintainer wishes

This update has been submitted for batched by bowlofeggs.

This update has been submitted for stable by bodhi.

This update has been pushed to stable.

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#1422712 erlang-xmpp-1.1.15 is available
#1427123 ejabberd-17.09 is available
#1434803 erlang-cache_tab-1.0.11 is available
#1434804 erlang-esip-1.0.16 is available
#1434820 erlang-stun-1.0.15 is available
#1471308 erlang-fast_tls-1.0.16 is available
#1475055 erlang-p1_oauth2-0.6.2 is available
#1496434 erlang-iconv-1.0.6 is available
#1496436 erlang-fast_xml-1.1.24 is available
#1496437 erlang-fast_yaml-1.0.11 is available
#1496444 erlang-p1_utils-1.0.10 is available
#1496448 erlang-stringprep-1.0.10 is available
#1524199 ejabberd does not start
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