FEDORA-2017-e2312ac9d9 created by lsedlar 4 years ago for Fedora 25

This release brings an update to documentation. There is now description of the configuration format, overview of what happens during the compose and explanation of how packages are gathered and how the process can be customized.

Bugs fixed and features added:

  • Creating delta RPMs is fixed. If this makes a compose too slow, just change createrepo_deltas option to False
  • When package dependencies are not resolved, Pungi will still read input packages from comps file.
  • Environments in comps files can now be filtered by architecture.
  • All command line parsers are ported to argparse.
  • Improved logging of where packages in the compose are coming from.

Improvements for Ostree

  • Multiple notification scripts can now be used, which turns it into a hook callback system.
  • A script is provided that will pause the compose until new ostree commits are signed. To enable this, add --notification-script=pungi-wait-for-signed-ostree-handler to the pungi-koji command invocation.
  • When creating the installer, Pungi ensures lorax runs on non-existing directory to avoid errors.

Modularity improvements

  • Multiple Koji tags can be used as source of packages.
  • Use release number of a module.

And a few other smaller fixes.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2017-e2312ac9d9

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