FEDORA-2017-f15d37502c created by lsedlar 5 years ago for Fedora 26

New upstream release.

  • Print more debugging information when depsolving. We now store the exact requires which cause dependencies to be pulled in. The process is also made more deterministic by processing dependencies sorted.

  • A lock is used when koji runroot command is executed to avoid race conditions with kerberos authentication.

  • Add support for SHA512 into most places (everywhere except for inside .treeinfo).

  • Automatically generating versions for artifacts is made more explicit. It now allows generating version for use with ostree.

  • Configuration for images is simplified: all repos for an image can be configured with a single option.

  • Replace yum.comps usage with libcomps (for Python 3 compatibility).

Better error reporting:

  • when config mentions non-existing git branch
  • when variant has no input packages or groups
  • when variant includes non-existing comps group

Fixes for modular compose:

  • compatible arches are expanded when gathering packages from modules
  • avoid race condition where multiple threads accessed the same temporary directory
  • write a list of RPMs into modulemd metadata

New upstream release:

  • Empty directories are no longer created for variants that have no RPMs.
  • There is an experimental backend for solving package dependencies using DNF instead of YUM. This is a preview for testing and quite likely not ready for production deployment.
  • Modular composes can now be created.
  • Task IDs are printed for all tasks no matter whether they failed or not.
  • Better error reporting: all unsigned packages are reported (as opposed to only the first one).

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2017-f15d37502c

This update has been submitted for testing by lsedlar.

5 years ago

This update has obsoleted pungi-4.1.14-3.fc26, and has inherited its bugs and notes.

5 years ago

This update has been pushed to testing.

5 years ago
User Icon kevin commented & provided feedback 5 years ago

Seems to work to compose rawhide and branched at least and hopefully fixes an issue with atomic, but we won't know until it's in the buildroot.

User Icon dustymabe commented & provided feedback 5 years ago

last nights run worked - we put it in the buildroot overrides.

User Icon adamwill commented & provided feedback 5 years ago

well, this has been working to compose Rawhide for several days. the latest 26 compose (apparently using this) is missing a bunch of live images, which is concerning, but so far can't be demonstrated to be caused by this update...

This update has been submitted for stable by bodhi.

5 years ago

This update has been pushed to stable.

5 years ago

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