FEDORA-2017-f745eb909c created by robert 2 years ago for Fedora 25

lxi-tools v1.12

  • Update to new URL
  • Add snap status
  • Fix redirection of output to file
  • Update README
  • Cleanup configure.ac
  • Jakub Wilk: Use HTTPS in the configure script

lxi-tools v1.11

  • Update README
  • Update man page
  • Update AUTHORS
  • Expand tested instruments list
  • Rename screenshot plugin rigol-1000 -> rigol-1000z
  • Add various Rigol screenshot plugins
  • Add the following Rigol screenshot plugins:
    • rigol-dg4000 Rigol DG4000 series function generator
    • rigol-dm3000 Rigol DM3000 series digital multimeter
    • rigol-dp800 Rigol DP800 series power supply
    • rigol-dsa800 Rigol DSA800 series spectrum analyzer
    • rigol-dsa700 Rigol DSA700 series spectrum analyzer The code is added on behalf of PeDre from the EEVBlog forum.
  • Add authors section in README
  • Add README.md to prettify GitHub page
  • The original README is still preserved because it is more readable when not reading it via GitHub.
  • Jakub Wilk: Strip trailing spaces
  • Fix typo
  • Fix grammar and typos

lxi-tools v1.10

  • Add support for mDNS/DNS-SD discovery
  • Add "--mdns" option which enables the discover command to search for LXI devices/services using mDNS/DNS-SD.
  • Fix Siglent screenshot plugins
  • Write correct response buffer to file. Improve .regex match expression.

lxi-tools v1.9

  • Update README
  • Fix newlines when redirecting to file or terminal
  • Rename --dump-hex to --hex
  • Fix missing error message when no SCPI command defined
  • Update man page
  • Remove --dump-file option
  • The correct way to dump response to file is to use pipe output redirection. For example:
    • lxi scpi --address "*IDN?" > response.txt
    • This way it is possible to dump any binary reponse to file.
  • Fix missing error message when no IP address defined
  • Print errors to stderr
  • Cleanup Siglent SDS1000 plugin name
  • Add Siglent SSA 3000X screenshot plugin
  • Cleanup script examples
  • Correct default SCPI raw/TCP port
  • Update descriptions of the plugin options

lxi-tools v1.8

  • Update README
  • Add Siglent SDS 1000 screenshot plugin

lxi-tools v1.7

  • Update README
  • Cleanup
  • Update .regex for Tektronix plugin
  • Update .regex for R&S plugin
  • Update .regex for Keysight plugin
  • Update man page
  • Embed instrument IP address in screenshot filename
    • This helps identify screenshot files when capturing screenshots from multiple instruments.
    • It also allows to simplify the APIs used by the screenshot plugins.
  • Change option '--model' to '--plugin'
    • Lets remove any model vs. plugin confusion and only deal with plugin names. Each plugin includes support for one or more instruments models as described in the plugin description.
  • Add automatic loading of screenshot plugin feature
    • If no screenshot plugin is specified the tool will automatically try to select the best plugin by matching the instruments ID string against the regular expressions defined in each plugin.
    • Each screenshot plugin defines a .regex string entry containing space separated regular expressions. Each regular expression is matched against the instrument ID string. The plugin with most matches is selected.
    • Note: This mechanism is slightly slower than manually specifying which screenshot plugin because it needs to retrieve the instruments ID string first.
  • Improve description of Rigol plugins
  • Fix Rigol 2000 screenshot plugin
    • Remove trailing newline in received image data.
  • Add screenshot plugin for Rigol 2000 series
    • Also, make existing Rigol plugin only apply for 1000z series.

lxi-tools v1.6

  • Add date-time stamp to screenshot filename
  • Improve command handling
    • In case of a misspelled command the tool would misleadingly respond: "Error: No IP address specified"
    • With this fix, it now responds: "Error: Unknown command"
  • Update README
  • Added screenshot plugin for Tektronix 2000 series scopes
  • Improve scpi response output
  • Add --raw and --raw-port options to scpi command
    • One can now use choose to use raw/TCP instead of VXI11 when firing SCPI commands. Simply append the --raw option like so:
    • lxi scpi --raw --address "*IDN?"
    • By default raw/TCP port 5555 is used but it can be changed using the --raw-port option.
    • Warning: Using raw/TCP is faster than VXI11 but does not provide any timeout/control mechanisms so if your command somehow stalls it will stall forever.
  • Use new lxi_connect() function
  • Cleanup
  • Make screenshot filename optional
    • In case no screenshot filename is provided the tool will write the screenshot image to an automatically resolved and incremented filename on the form screenshot-###.. For example, screenshot-000.png, screenshot-001.png, etc..
  • Improve screenshot model listing
  • Increase default timeout for screenshot command
    • Transferring screenshot image data takes time so lets increase the timeout so we do not easily interrupt a good but slow transfer.
  • Collapse Rigol screenshot plugin
    • Support all Rigol oscilloscope models via one model name.
  • Add screenshot support for Keysight IV 2000 X
  • Cleanup plugins
  • Add screenshot support for R&S HMO1000 series
  • Add screenshot support for Rigol 2000/4000
  • Create directory for screenshot plugins

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2017-f745eb909c

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