FEDORA-2017-f94cfd639a created by hobbes1069 5 years ago for Fedora 27

BackupPC 4.1.4 fixes various bugs:

Merged pull requests #99, #121, #125, #131, #133, #134, #137, #148, #149, #150 #151, #152, #153, #155, #157, #167

lib/BackupPC/Xfer/Smb.pm: made pipeSMB non-blocking to avoid a reported deadlock when BackupPC's select() returns ok for reading, but there are no bytes to read from the client tar's log/stdout output. Parallel change to lib/BackupPC/Xfer/Tar.pm in 4.1.3.

bin/BackupPC_tarCreate and bin/BackupPC_zipCreate: untaint the host name so they work with setuid under CGI; fixes empty tar or zip files downloaded via CGI interface (fixes issue #156)

bin/BackupPC: fixed BackupPC::XS min version checking and error message, from @moisseev (#152)

bin/BackupPC: added more detailed startup information (perl and BackupPC version) to log, from @moisseev (#157)

bin/BackupPC_rrdUpdate: fixed empty pools hiding from @moisseev (#167)

lib/BackupPC/Xfer/Smb.pm: now ignores additional debug messages from smbclient, and flags lines in the XferLOG it doesn't recognize.

lib/BackupPC/CGI/Browse.pm: default display now has the last, rather than first, share opened.

Replaced submit with button so that Enter doesn't activate the Delete button. Fixes issue #161, reported by Philippe-M.

removed commented-out settings for some ftp args (eg, port#) in lib/BackupPC/Xfer/Ftp.pm; reported by Adam W.

bin/BackupPC_backupDelete: only print delta counts if LogLevel is >= 5

bin/BackupPC_tarExtract: fix existing file size count and size

lib/BackupPC/CGI/EditConfig.pm: fixed masking of subheadings in config editor.

config/config.pl: added -mSMB3 to $Conf{SmbClientIncrCmd} and $Conf{SmbClientRestoreCmd}, from @SvenBunge (#99)

lib/BackupPC/Xfer/Rsync.pm: improved cleanup of orphan rsyncTmp files

In bin/BackupPC_dump, added "share" to bpc_progress_state message so it is 'backup share "$shareName"'. Patch #150 by @guestisp (issue #143)

added share name to log message in lib/BackupPC/CGI/Restore.pm for tar and zip restore.

makeDist: fixed exit code from @moisseev (#153)

Added Travis CI configuration from @moisseev (#155) and enabled travis

Replaced "Homepage" with "Github" in config.pl and configure.pl from @moisseev (#121)

Spelling fixes, mainly in comments from @ka7 (#125).

Fixed comment in config.pl (zh_CH -> zh_CN) from @patch (#131)

Fixed German translations from @mainboarder (#133, #134)

Fixed minor comment typo in config.pl from @pbe-axelor (#137)

Fixed comments in systemd/README from @schuetzm (#138)

Fixed Italian translations from @guestip (#148, #149; issue #142)

Fixed incorrect hash key in German translations from @moisseev (#151)

This update has been submitted for testing by hobbes1069.

5 years ago

This update has been pushed to testing.

5 years ago

This update has reached 7 days in testing and can be pushed to stable now if the maintainer wishes

5 years ago

This update has been obsoleted by BackupPC-4.1.5-1.fc27.

5 years ago

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