FEDORA-2018-107dbc8cf4 created by siwinski 6 years ago for Fedora 28


Security Updates

  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in the Enhanced Image (image2) plugin reported by Kyaw Min Thein.
    • Issue summary: It was possible to execute XSS inside CKEditor using the tag and specially crafted HTML. Please note that the default presets (Basic/Standard/Full) do not include this plugin, so you are only at risk if you made a custom build and enabled this plugin.


Fixed Issues

  • #1835: Fixed: Integration between CKFinder and File Browser plugin does not work.


New Features

  • #932: Introduced Easy Image feature for inserting images that are automatically rescaled, optimized, responsive and delivered through a blazing-fast CDN. Three new plugins were added to support it:
    • Easy Image
    • Cloud Services
    • Image Base
  • #1338: Keystroke labels are displayed for function keys (like F7, F8).
  • #643: The File Browser plugin can now upload files using XHR requests. This allows for setting custom HTTP headers using the config.fileTools_requestHeaders configuration option.
  • #1365: The File Browser plugin uses XHR requests by default.
  • #1399: Added the possibility to set CKEDITOR.config.startupFocus as start or end to specify where the editor focus should be after the initialization.
  • #1441: The Magic Line plugin line element can now be identified by the data-cke-magic-line="1" attribute.

Fixed Issues

  • #595: Fixed: Pasting does not work on mobile devices.
  • #869: Fixed: Empty selection clears cached clipboard data in the editor.
  • #1419: Fixed: The Widget Selection plugin selects the editor content with the Alt+A key combination on Windows.
  • #1274: Fixed: Balloon Toolbar does not match a single selected image using the contextDefinition.cssSelectormatcher.
  • #1232: Fixed: Balloon Toolbar buttons should be registered as focusable elements.
  • #1342: Fixed: Balloon Toolbar should be re-positioned after the change event.
  • #1426: [IE8-9] Fixed: Missing Balloon Toolbar background in the Kama skin. Thanks to Christian Elmer!
  • #1470: Fixed: Balloon Toolbar is not visible after drag and drop of a widget it is attached to.
  • #1048: Fixed: Balloon Panel is not positioned properly when a margin is added to its non-static parent.
  • #889: Fixed: Unclear error message for width and height fields in the Image and Enhanced Image plugins.
  • #859: Fixed: Cannot edit a link after a double-click on the text in the link.
  • #1013: Fixed: Paste from Word does not work correctly with the config.forcePasteAsPlainText option.
  • #1356: Fixed: Border parse function does not allow spaces in the color value.
  • #1010: Fixed: The CSS border shorthand property was incorrectly expanded ignoring the border-color style.
  • #1535: Fixed: Widget mouseover border contrast is insufficient.
  • #1516: Fixed: Fake selection allows removing content in read-only mode using the Backspace and Delete keys.
  • #1570: Fixed: Fake selection allows cutting content in read-only mode using the Ctrl/Cmd + X keys.
  • #1363: Fixed: Paste notification is unclear and it might confuse users.

API Changes

  • #1346: Balloon Toolbar context manager API is now available in the pluginDefinition.init method of the requiringplugin.
  • #1530: Added the possibility to use custom icons for buttons.

Other Changes

  • Updated SCAYT (Spell Check As You Type) and WebSpellChecker plugins:
    • SCAYT scayt_minWordLength configuration option now defaults to 3 instead of 4.
    • SCAYT default number of suggested words in the context menu changed to 3.
    • #90: Fixed: Selection is lost on link creation if SCAYT highlights the word.
    • Fixed: SCAYT crashes when the browser localStorage is disabled.
    • [IE11] Fixed: Unable to get property type of undefined or null reference error in the browser console when SCAYT is disabled/enabled.
    • #46: Fixed: Editing is blocked when remote spell checker server is offline.
    • Fixed: User Dictionary cannot be created in WSC due to You already have the dictionary error.
    • Fixed: Words with apostrophe ' on the replacement make the WSC dialog inaccessible.
    • Fixed: SCAYT/WSC causes the Uncaught TypeError error in the browser console.
  • #1337: Updated the samples layout with the new CKEditor 4 logo and color scheme.
  • #1591: CKBuilder and language tools are now downloaded over HTTPS. Thanks to August Detlefsen!

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2018-107dbc8cf4

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