FEDORA-2018-18f3e020bd created by oget 3 years ago for Fedora 28


  • Graph port-type colors are now configurable (cf. menu View > Colors. Make Graph nodes (ie. client boxes) transparent for yet some eye-candiness ;). Also keep the (Graph) current selection across port (dis)connections.
  • Drawing patchbay connector lines as (bezier) curves is now a difinitive and fixed feature (as long as no more remains from the so called "Cambric explosion era" are still lurking in there).
  • AppStream metadata updated to be the most compliant with latest freedesktop.org specification and recommendation.
  • Graph auto-layout improvement for brand new node clients.
  • Avoid showing setup warning when no server settings have changed.
  • Fixed JACK D-Bus settings for MIDI driver parameter.


  • Portuguese (pt) translation added (by Heitor Rocha).
  • AppData/AppStream metadata is now settled under an all permisssive license (FSFAP).
  • Improved Graph rubberband add (Shift) and toggle (Ctrl) multiple (de)selections.
  • Added user preference option: Setup / Misc / Buttons / Replace Connections with Graph button (on main window).
  • Added a zoom slider control to the Graph view status bar.


  • Respect ALSA Sequencer support option also on Graph view.
  • Regression to new Graph node/ports sorting comparator; also fixed multiple and many port removals, most probably causing it to crash due to double-free/delete potential.
  • Fixed the automatic aggregation of new Graph client nodes that are split as either input or output only (ie. system, terminal, physical or otherwise non-duplex nodes).
  • Added View/Zoom Range mode option to Graph tool.


  • Half a decade later, recent new custom entries may now get removed from Session Infra-client list.
  • Some rather old, better said "Cambric explosion era", user preference options have been ditched altogether: Display / Time Format; Display / Shiny glass light effect; Display / Connections/Draw connections and patchbay lines as Bezier curves; Misc/Configure as temporary server.
  • A brand new and way long overdue connections Graph widget is finally introduced, only to be accessible through the context menu at this time.
  • Extended multi-selection is now supported on all Connections client/port lists, allowing for multiple (dis)connections at once.
  • Disable singleton/unique application instance setup logic when the display server platform is not X11.
  • A little hardening on the configure (autoconf) macro side.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2018-18f3e020bd

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