FEDORA-2018-24e5d0fbd0 created by rathann 6 years ago for Fedora 26

NOTE: All packaged Firefox add-ons are affected by Firefox bug #1508827 . A workaround is provided in the bug report. Please do not give negative karma just because of that bug.

Changes in 10.x (Quantum)

  • Fixed edge case CSP injection bug (thanks Rob Wu)
  • Optimized dynamic script injection (thanks Rob Wu)
  • Fixed potential leak on dynamic script injection (thanks Rob Wu for report)
  • Now NoScript's UI on privileged pages explains permissions cannot be configured there, rather than bluntly opening the Options page (thanks Rob Wu for suggestion)

  • Fixed script enablement status not correctly detected on some pages rolling their own CSP (causing NOSCRIPT element and META refresh emulation not to be triggered)
  • Fixed "Appearance" NoScript Options tab missing on Android
  • [XSS] Fixed semicolon-separated JSON payloads DDOSing the JSON-optimizer, e.g. with subframes (thanks KonomiKitten and pal1000 for reports)
  • [UI] Renamed "Scripts globally allowed (dangerous)" option to "No permissions enforcement (dangerous)" to better reflect its actual effect
  • [UI] Better feedback about "No permission enforcement" by disabling the "Preset customization" section and and the "Per-site Permissions" tab
  • [UI] Moved XSS-related options to the "Advanced" tab
  • Fixed disabled webgl breaking feeds on script-enabled sites (thanks pal1000 for reporting)
  • Enhanced dynamic script injection if browser.contentScripts API is available
  • Expanded support for webgl canvas placeholders

Changes in 5.x (Classic)

  • Fixed edge case ABE Anon action loop with e10s enabled on reload after new rule (thanks barbaz for reporting)
  • Fixed JSON interactive view disabled by cascading restrictions (thanks jester for reporting)
  • Fixed ABE Anon action loop with e10s enabled (thanks barbaz for reporting)

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How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2018-24e5d0fbd0

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