enhancement update in Fedora 28 for sssd

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Related: upstream#941 - return multiple server addresses to the Kerberos Related: upstream#3652 - kdcinfo doesn't get populated for other domains Resolves: upstream#3747 - sss_ssh_authorizedkeys exits abruptly if SSHD closes its end of the pipe before reading all the SSH keys Resolves: upstream#3607 - Handle conflicting e-mail addresses more gracefully Resolves: upstream#3754 - SSSD AD uses LDAP filter to detect POSIX attributes stored in AD GC also for regular AD DC queries Related: upstream#3219 - [RFE] Regular expression used in sssd.conf not being able to consume an @-sign in the user/group name. Resolves: upstream#3766 - CVE-2018-10852: information leak from the sssd-sudo responder

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works for me

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Works for me

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