FEDORA-2018-6625a35b64 created by konradm 4 years ago for Fedora 27

2014-02-01 - New major features!

  • New command line tools, both have script parsable output if needed
    • samusrgrp : group membership list / edit
    • sampasswd : user list and password reset
  • The commands uses new library functions (libsam.c) for adding and removing users from local groups (group membership), including lower lever SID handling functions.
  • Known BUG: If a user is member of no (0) groups, adding it to a group often crashes my program
  • Interactive chntpw program changed a bit to then do groups, too. Also easier to quit (more logical looping / menu selections)
  • Also note that some command line parameters for chntpw has changed, and it may be better to use sampasswd or samusrgrp in many "automatic" situations.
  • Fixed a few smaller issues by myself
  • Jacky To got two bugs, one nasty one that could thrash the hive when deleting bottom value in a key, and problem with uninitialized pointers when expanding the hive (would lead to a crash, no corruption I think). Both bugs fixed I hope.
  • Steven Shiau submitted a patch making the scripting easier, I decided to go for completely new commands instead. But thank you to all who suggested the same.
  • Also thanks to David Collett for catching and fixing bug in REG_MULTI_SZ editing.

v 1.00 140201:

samlib: new library, contains functions for user and group manipulation and low level SID functions. Main features:

  • add user to local group
  • remove user from local group
  • reset user password
  • list users and groups, with memberships etc
  • SID handling routines (binary to/from string etc) required by group/user edit functions
  • updates both group and user correctly, thus finally user "promotion" works!

regedit library:

  • Enter buil-in buffer debugger only if in trace mode, else return error or abort()
  • Fixed critical bug in del_value which could thrash the hive when removing value in bottom of key.
  • And a pointer not reinitialized when buffer reallocated in some cases, fixed. Thanks to Jacky To for reporting those two.
  • Some minor adjustments for compiler. A few more utility functions.

sampasswd: new command line utility

  • Can be used to reset users passwords from scripts (non interactive)
  • Also a few list options, also can supply parsable output

samusrgrp: new command line utility

  • edit group memberships (non interactive)
  • some list functions, parsable


  • Now dedicated to interactive edits
  • Now supports full local group membership edits, finally working promotion!
  • A lot of users complained about user select being difficult to exit (not understanding to use ! to quit), so after user edit, return is to main menu or program exit (if not -i option)
  • User edit (reset, promote etc) now loops instead until q for quit

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2018-6625a35b64

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