FEDORA-2018-6a3e05dbde created by rathann 6 years ago for Fedora 28

Version 23.0.0 "The Bride Said No" 2018-05-02

New features and enhancements

  • mkvmerge: input: format detection uses file-extension to improve performance and to give preference when several formats match.
  • mkvmerge: AV1: added support for reading AV1 video from Open Bitstream Unit files.
  • mkvmerge: AV1: adjusted the code for the AV1 bitstream format changes made up to 2018-05-02 (git revision d14e878).
  • mkvmerge: MP4 reader: if a track has an edit list with two identical entries, each spanning the file's duration as given in the movie header atom, then the second entry will now be ignored. Improves the handling of files with bogus data; see #2196 and #2270.
  • MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: added options to only enable tracks of certain types by default. Implements #2271.
  • MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: added an option to enable dialog normalization gain removal by default for all audio tracks for which the operation is supported. Implements #2272.
  • MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: when deriving track languages from the file names is active and the file name contains the usual season/episode pattern (e.g. "S02E14"), then only the part after the season/episode pattern will be used for detecting the language. Part of the improvements for #2267.
  • MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: the regular expression used for deriving track languages from the file names can now be customized in the preferences. Part of the improvements for #2267.
  • MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: the user can now customize the list of track languages the GUI recognizes in file names. This list defaults to a handful of common languages instead of the full list of supported languages. Part of the improvements for #2267.

Bug fixes

  • mkvmerge: MP3 packetizer: removed a memory leak growing linearly with the track's size.
  • mkvmerge: VobSub packetizer: whenever a VobSub packet doesn't contain a duration on the container level, mkvmerge will now set it from the duration in the SPU packets. Before it was accidentally setting the SPU-level duration to 0 instead. Fixes #2260.
  • mkvmerge: track statistics tags: if writing the Date element is deactivated via --no-date, the _STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC isn't written either anymore. Fixes #2286.
  • mkvmerge, mkvextract, mkvpropedit: removed several small, constant-size memory leaks.
  • mkvextract: fixed a crash when mkvextract with a non-Matroska file as the source file. Fixes #2281.
  • MKVToolNix GUI: the central area is now scrollable, allowing the GUI to be resized to almost arbitrary sizes. Fixes #2265.
  • MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: the "copy file title to destination file name" functionality will now replace everything in the destination file name up to the last period instead of only up to the first period. Fixes #2276.

Other changes

  • mkvmerge: AV1: support for AV1 must be activated manually by adding --engage enable_av1 as the AV1 bitstream specification hasn't been finalized yet.

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2018-6a3e05dbde

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Works for me.

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Thanks. The Bride Said "Yes".

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