FEDORA-2018-858790ba8e created by jorton 3 years ago for Fedora 28

This update includes the latest stable release of Apache Subversion, version 1.10.0.

See the 1.10 release notes for a more verbose overview of the changes since the 1.9 release: https://subversion.apache.org/docs/release-notes/1.10.html

User-visible changes:

Major new features:

  • Better interactive conflict resolution for tree conflicts
  • Wilcards and improved performance in path-based authorization
  • New experimental 'svn shelve' command (issue 3625)

Minor new features and improvements:

  • svnbench: Show time taken & bytes transferred
  • New 'svnadmin dump' options to include/exclude paths
  • New '--normalize-props' option for 'svnadmin dump'
  • New 'svnadmin 'load-revprops', 'dump-revprops' subcommands
  • New '--no-flush-to-disk' option for 'svnadmin load'
  • New '--file' option for several svnadmin subcommands
  • New '--max-request-size', '--max-response-size' options for svnserve
  • New '-rN' option for 'svnadmin lstxns'
  • New '--search' option for fast 'svn ls' searches
  • Add '--search' option support to 'svnbench null-list'
  • New '-M' option for 'svnlook tree'
  • New '--skip-unchanged' option for 'svnsync copy-revprops'
  • 'svn log --search' now ignores case and diacriticals
  • Improved performance of server-side log processing
  • diff3: Reduce processing time and memory usage
  • ra_serf: Adjustments for serf versions with HTTP/2 support
  • ra_serf: Send svndiff1 deltas during commit
  • ra_serf: Stream svndiff deltas w/o creating temporary files
  • ra_serf: Don't necessarily request full MERGE reponses
  • 'svn patch': Parse binary diffs in git-style patches
  • 'svnadmin info' now reports latest revision in the repository
  • ra_svn: Various performance-related tweaks
  • Optimize svndiff parser
  • 'svn status' without -v: Stop showing uninteresting deletions
  • Save a few cycles in svn_stringbuf_set()
  • windows: Distinguish out-of-memory error from abort()
  • windows: Explicitly release file locks
  • windows: Correctly check result from LoadLibrary() call
  • FSFS: Optionally cache node properties without full-text cache
  • FSFS: Open transaction's proto revision in write-only mode
  • FSFS: Avoid checksum calculations if logical addressing is used
  • FSFS: Do not read very long change lists in block read mode
  • FSFS: Avoid double DAG lookup
  • FSFS: Avoid double cache lookups
  • FSFS: Increase default revprop pack size from 4k to 16k
  • FSFS: Speed up revprop access
  • FSFS: Disable representation sharing for directories
  • FSFS: Speed up transaction processing for large directories
  • FSFS: Tune format 7 pack ordering heuristics
  • FSFS: Reduce I/O overhead during history traversal
  • FSFS: Warn if a possible rep-cache SHA1 collision is detected
  • FSFS: Optimize revprop cache filling strategy under high load
  • FSFS: New "verify-before-commit" fsfs.conf option
  • FSFS: New format 8 with various performance improvements
  • FSFS/FSX: Chunked read support for changed paths lists
  • FSFS/FSX: Improvements to cache implementation
  • FSX: Add checksums to packed revprop manifests and files
  • FSX: Significantly reduce size of packed revprop manifest data
  • FSX: Improved on-disk representation of property lists
  • FSX: New in-repository representation of directories
  • FSX: Make 'svnadmin recover' discard all transactions
  • FSX: Reduce number of fsync operations
  • mod_dav_svn: Improve performance and memory usage of PROPFIND
  • mod_dav_svn: Advertise svndiff1 support to clients
  • mod_dav_svn: Remove disk I/O to TMPDIR during first commit
  • svnsync: Fix assertion failure with up-to-date repositories
  • ra_serf: Parallel requests for text and property changes
  • svnserve: Remove disk I/O to TMPDIR during first commit
  • Triple performance of URI escaping
  • 'svn blame': Optimize a bit on the server side
  • 'svn cleanup': Add --vacuum-pristines option
  • 'svn diff --git': Show diffs of symlinks like git and hg
  • 'svn patch': Capable of handling git-like symlink changes
  • 'svn patch': Improve detection of additions and deletions
  • 'svn patch': Handle zero-byte files vs deleted files
  • 'svn diff --git': Produce 'rename from/to' headers
  • 'svn diff --git': Produce proper mode headers
  • 'svn lock', 'svn unlock': Take the -q option
  • 'svn help': improved wording and consistency
  • 'svn': Add a new '--accept recommended' option.
  • 'svn': --non-interactive uses recommended tree conflict resolution
  • Evaluate 'old mode' and 'new mode' lines from git-syle diffs
  • svnrdump, svndumpfilter: Enable buffered stdin
  • ra_serf: Receive svndiff1 and gzip compressed deltas
  • svnadmin: 'lock', 'unlock', 'rmlocks': Take the -q option
  • New svndiff2 binary delta format using lz4 compression
  • gpg-agent: Support gpg ≥2.1.13 and unset GPG_AGENT_INFO
  • Add 'http-compression=auto' client config option as default
  • Speed up processing of mergeinfo
  • Check for invalid 'xt' fields in x509 certs
  • New '--password-from-stdin' option for 'svn'

Client-side bugfixes:

  • svnbench: Honour the '--with-no-revprops' option
  • ra_serf: Fix segfault when running over HTTP v1
  • ra_serf: Keep small svndiffs in memory during commit
  • ra_serf: Improve error messages related to lock operations
  • ra_serf: Work around a bug in serf bucket handling
  • ra_serf: Fix lock token handling for file-path commits
  • Raise a malfunction instead of segfaulting with corrupt wc.db
  • Fix check for unversioned obstructions blocking file externals
  • 'svn patch' bugfixes:
  • Fix behaviour if a reject file can't be created
  • Describe adds and removes in reject file headers
  • Detect recorded moves that are already applied
  • Detect already applied patches in edge cases
  • Fix handling of missing trailing context (issue 4609)
  • Fix interaction of moves and property changes
  • Fix output for reordered hunks (issue 4533)
  • Prevent from overwriting existing reject files
  • Improve handling of added properties
  • Improve handling of rejected file deletions
  • Fix --dry-run with replaced files
  • Fix applying prop changes which should conflict
  • Fix duplicate notifications when adding directories
  • Fix duplicate notifications when patching svn:executable prop
  • Fix notifications when adding/removing properties
  • Make handle already applied property patches
  • Change some notifications to 'U' instead of 'G'
  • Don't create file if git-style patch indicates modification
  • Parse any properties following svn:mergeinfo
  • Fix potential unbounded memory usage in parser
  • Fix problems with --git diffs applied in reverse
  • Fix removal of EOL if final patch context line has no EOL (#4315)
  • 'svn diff --git': Fix file permission modes to match git and hg
  • 'svn diff --git': added/deleted filenames are never /dev/null (issue 4689)
  • Fix a problem with relocating some externals
  • Fix 'svn diff URL\@REV WC' wrongly looks up URL\@HEAD (issue 4597)
  • Fix 'svn diff --no-diff-added' shows properties as added (issue 4596)
  • Properly raise text merge conflicts with file externals
  • Fix 'svn diff' with local directories marked incomplete
  • ra_svn/ra_serf: Make negative log limits work as documented
  • ra_svn: Eliminate unnecessary URL reparenting
  • ra_svn: Use svndiff2 deltas when supported on both ends
  • Handle invalid revision numbers consistently across RA layers
  • Handle commits to revs > HEAD consistently across RA layers
  • Eliminate one client/server roundtrip from checkouts of HEAD
  • Expose some error messages generated by github's SVN server
  • 'svnfsfs stats': Show average lengths of delta chains
  • svnmucc: Fix crash during application teardown
  • Fix assertion when exporting a working copy containing relative externals

Server-side bugfixes:

  • Fix checksum validation error due to data eviction from cache
  • FSFS pack: Use unbuffered file streams in a couple of places
  • FSFS: Reduce excessive amount of read and seek syscalls
  • FSFS: Reduce memory footprint of cached directories
  • FSFS: Add various checks for integer overflows
  • FSFS: Detect a very unlikely case of item index corruption
  • FSFS: Make handling of revprop size information more resilient
  • FSFS: Don't re-parse a directory which just got committed
  • FSFS: Handle some known quirks in committed node revisions
  • FSFS format 7: Verify item types more thoroughly
  • FSFS: Fix false positive "Not a directory" error involving file moved and replaced by dir (issue 4677)
  • FSFS: Fix crash accessing revprops with --memory-cache-size=0
  • FSFS: Fix issue 4623 for FSFS.
  • mod_dav_svn: Omit Cache-Control HTTP header for HEAD URLs (issue 4514)
  • mod_dav_svn: Reduced memory consumption for DAV merge responses
  • mod_dav_svn: Don't set a Last-Modified header in GET responses
  • mod_dav_svn: Actually use FSFS transaction directory cache
  • mod_dav_svn: Do not insert newlines in base64 encoded responses
  • Fix insertion of very large items into the membuffer cache
  • Fix capacity check of the membuffer cache's prefix pool
  • Prevent paths containing newlines from being committed
  • Fix for properties: Null updates break last-changed-revision (issue 4700)
  • 'svnfsfs stats': Fix false positive checksum errors reading old revisions
  • 'svnfsfs stats': Fix support for pre-v4 FSFS repositories.
  • svnadmin, svnfsfs: Detect invalid arguments to -M
  • svnlook, svnserve: Detect invalid arguments to -M
  • svnadmin: Output locked paths in canonical form
  • svnadmin: Output locked paths correctly encoded
  • svn: propdel, propset: Transcode property names on output
  • svnserve: Make use-sasl=true a fatal error in SASL-less builds.

Client-side and server-side bugfixes:

  • Fix integer overflow check with >= 1G mergeinfo ranges per path
  • Fix integer overflow checks on WoW64 platforms
  • Fix bug with canonicalizing Window-specific drive-relative URL
  • Fix segfault with recursive configuration value definitions (issue 4543)
  • FSFS: Improve error messages when DAG lookup fails
  • Transcode command-line arguments to UTF-8
  • Fix segfault on x509 certificate with empty name
  • Fix segfault with invalid URLs in svn:externals

Other tool improvements and bugfixes:

  • New svn-mergeinfo-normalizer tool
  • Allow configuring mailer.py to use SMTP SSL
  • svnmucc can now delete directories with deleted children (issue 4666)
  • svn-vendor.py: Minor enhancements, mostly in treating symlinks
  • bash_completion: Better URL completion
  • bash_completion: Complete arguments to 'svn info --show-item'
  • fsfs-stats: New 1.8-compatible wrapper for 'svnfsfs stats'
  • Drop support for upgrading working copies created with Subversion 1.7

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2018-858790ba8e

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works for me

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New build(s):

  • subversion-1.10.0-2.fc28

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  • subversion-1.10.0-1.fc28

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Works great! LGTM! =)

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no regressions noted

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