security update in Fedora 28 for exiv2

Status: stable a year ago

Exiv2 update with security fixes.

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hello jgrulich, thank you for your effort!

tldr: Which CPEs have been fixed with this release?

I am confused regarding which CVEs have been fixed in this release. The related Bugs reference 14 CVEs: CVE-2017-17669, CVE-2017-17724, CVE-2017-9953, CVE-2018-10958, CVE-2018-10998, CVE-2018-10999, CVE-2018-11037, CVE-2018-12264, CVE-2018-12265, CVE-2018-14046, CVE-2018-9144, CVE-2018-9145, CVE-2018-9146, CVE-2018-9305

However, the Chanelog (https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/search?terms=exiv2-0.26-12.fc28&type=build&match=glob) suggests that these CVEs have been fixed: CVE-2017-17723, CVE-2017-17725, CVE-2018-10958, CVE-2018-10998, CVE-2018-11531, CVE-2018-12264, CVE-2018-12265, CVE-2018-14046, CVE-2018-5772, CVE-2018-8976, CVE-2018-8977, CVE-2018-9144.

The 5 CVEs CVE-2018-10958, CVE-2018-10998, CVE-2018-12264, CVE-2018-12265, CVE-2018-14046 are referenced in the reladet bugs and the changelog.

The 3 CVEs CVE-2017-17723, CVE-2017-17725, CVE-2018-5772 referenced in the changelog have already been addressed in a previous exiv release (see FEDORA-2018-fc9c5969b4).

I backported those changes from RHEL, where I adressed CVEs mentioned in changelog and I was a bit lazy to check what CVEs has been already adressed in Fedora (my fault). I first added all CVEs mentioned in the changelog and then I went through some CVEs in bugzilla and added related ones (e.g. those in PrintStructures() which are under multiple CVEs from what I remember.

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works for me

karma: +1


karma: +1

works for me

karma: +1

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00 #1601629 CVE-2018-14046 exiv2: heap-based buffer over-read in WebPImage::decodeChunks in webpimage.cpp [fedora-all]

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