security update in Fedora 28 for nginx

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Security fix for CVE-2018-16843, CVE-2018-16844, CVE-2018-16845 + nginx rebase to 1.14.1.

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This update has been submitted for testing by luhliarik.

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Newer upstream nginx 1.14.2 was released with Fedora-specific fix. Changes include:

*) Bugfix: nginx could not be built by gcc 8.1.

*) Bugfix: nginx could not be built on Fedora 28 Linux.

*) Bugfix: in handling of client addresses when using unix domain listen
   sockets to work with datagrams on Linux.

*) Change: the logging level of the "http request", "https proxy
   request", "unsupported protocol", "version too low", "no suitable key
   share", and "no suitable signature algorithm" SSL errors has been
   lowered from "crit" to "info".

*) Bugfix: when using OpenSSL 1.1.0 or newer it was not possible to
   switch off "ssl_prefer_server_ciphers" in a virtual server if it was
   switched on in the default server.

*) Bugfix: nginx could not be built with LibreSSL 2.8.0.

*) Bugfix: if nginx was built with OpenSSL 1.1.0 and used with OpenSSL
   1.1.1, the TLS 1.3 protocol was always enabled.

*) Bugfix: sending a disk-buffered request body to a gRPC backend might

*) Bugfix: connections with some gRPC backends might not be cached when
   using the "keepalive" directive.

*) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might occur in a worker process if the
   ngx_http_mp4_module was used on 32-bit platforms.

Looks ok.

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