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An unfortunate regression in rpm 4.14.2 causes --setperms to behave incorrectly on symbolic links: file and directory permissions become world writable and executable on symlink targets. A similar flaw exists in --setugids, but it is less exploitable.

If you have used --setperms (or --setugids, or --restore) with rpm 4.14.2, you should ensure system integrity with rpm --verify before proceeding to correct any mixed up permissions and ownerships to avoid possibly giving suid capabilities to a modified binary.

Further details of the --setperms bug available upstream: http://rpm.org/wiki/Releases/

Note that this update can not automatically fix possible damage done by using –setperms, –setugids or –restore with rpm 4.14.2, it merely fixes the functionlity itself. Any damage needs to be investigated and fixed manually, such as using –verify and –restore or reinstalling packages.

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works for me in a VM

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works for me

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No regressions noted.

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no regressions noted

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Has worked fine for over three days now.

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This update has been obsoleted by rpm-

Works for me.

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