Update flatpak and portals to latest versions

flatpak 0.99.1

This is the first pre-release before flatpak 1.0. This is considered feature-complete and we expect no features or major changes before 1.0, only bugfixes.

Note: There were some (minor) API changes in the FlatpakTransaction APIs that were added in 0.11.8, so please don't use the old version. (Note: I know of no user of this API).

Changes since last minor release:

  • Ostree 2018.6 is required, and with this, the p2p code in flatpak is made non-optional.
  • flatpak install/update/ininstall now lists all the operations that it will do and asks for confirmation before starting.
  • In the above confirmation the permissions (new permissions for updates) are shown for all applications.
  • The FlatpakTranscation API has a new ::ready signal that allows users to do similar confirmation prompts.
  • P2P updates are more efficient
  • system-wide installation uses less fsync calls so should installation should be faster.
  • New ssh agent permissions allows granting an app ssh access.

xdg-desktop-portal 0.11

  • Add initial support for Snap packages.
  • Fix memory leaks when ownership of bus names changes.
  • Include docs for the session, remote desktop and screencast portals.
  • document-portal: Be more flexible validating apps' IDs.
  • document-portal: Be more strict when checking & granting file access.
  • file-chooser: Fix crash with unitialized data in the save dialog.
  • open-uri: Don't ever skip showing the dialog if a threshold is set.
  • open-uri: Don't register http: URIs for sandboxed handlers.
  • remote-desktop: Use the correct device type values.
  • screencast: Fix synchronization issue with PipeWire.
  • Import permission store from flatpak
  • Import document portal from flatpak
  • Add remote desktop portal
  • Add screencast portal
  • Add "interactive" mode to screenshot portal
  • file-chooser: Don't return document paths for paths the application has direct access to
  • Handle newer version of bubblewrap
  • New abstraction for application info, supporting multiple sandbox technologies
  • Add basic test suite

xdg-desktop-portal-gtk 0.11

  • remotedesktop: Add support for the 'finish' flag of NotifyPointerAxis.
  • remotedesktop: Correctly expose device types supporting remote control.
  • print: Add a 'Print Preview' button (requires evince-previewer).
  • screenshot: Make sure the dialog is shown in the interactive case.
  • Fix critical in file chooser
  • Add options to screenshot portals
  • Add screencast and remote portal implementations

pipewire 0.1.9

  • Various build fixes
  • Do more permission checks
  • Add support for doing async connections. This can be used to make connections through the portal later.
  • Fix device creation from the GStreamer device monitor
  • v4l2 experiment with controls
  • move rtkit to a module to avoid dbus dependency
  • use dmabuf allocator in gstreamer elements
  • Add DSP module for pro audio cases, remove jack module. The idea is to make a replacement jack client library that talks pipewire directly instead of trying to emulate a jack server.
  • Various memory handling improvements

Logout Required
After installing this update it is required that you logout of your current user session and log back in to ensure the changes supplied by this update are applied properly.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2018-bd8549f05a

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New build(s):

  • flatpak-builder-0.99.1-1.fc27

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  • flatpak-builder-0.99.2-1.fc27
  • flatpak-0.99.2-1.fc27

Removed build(s):

  • flatpak-0.99.1-1.fc27
  • flatpak-builder-0.99.1-1.fc27

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