FEDORA-2018-f2666b417c created by lsedlar 3 years ago for Fedora 27

New upstream release.

Major changes:

  • When creating repositories, it's now possible to disable creation of sqlite databases.

  • Module metadata now has correctly filled in arch field.

  • Getting list of modules from PDC now supports contexts. All modules with given (or latest) version will be pulled in.

  • Ostree installer is modified to print better error message if copying the result into compose directory fails.

  • It's now also possible to configure the compose to create both traditional installer and ostree installer in a single variant. Since these two share the same output location, ostree bits will overwrite the traditional bits. This is explicitly opt-in.

  • Better checking for command line arguments: skipping phases makes sure the mentioned phase actually exists instead of ignoring such issues silently.

  • If the compose is killed, the status should be updated to TERMINATED and a message should go out announcing this.

  • Pkgset phase has been tweaked a little bit to run more things in parallel. This should make it somewhat faster.

  • There is a long-standing bug that packages that list noarch in ExclusiveArch do not get properly excluded from repos on non-listed architectures. Fixing this unconditionally could introduce a lot of changes, so it is currently hidden behind a configuration option. Users are encouraged to test this and ideally enable the option.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2018-f2666b417c

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