bugfix update in Fedora 29 for fwupd

Status: unpushed

This release adds the following features:

  • Add a component categories to express the firmware type
  • Add support for 8BitDo M30
  • Add support for the not-child extension from Logitech
  • Shut down the daemon if the on-disk binary is replaced

This release fixes the following bugs:

  • Blacklist the synapticsmst plugin when using amdgpu
  • Correct ATA activation functionality to work for all vendors
  • Implement QMI PDC active config selection for modems
  • Make an error message clearer when there are no updates available
  • Match the old or new version number when setting NEEDS_REBOOT
  • More carefully check the output from tpm2_pcrlist
  • Recreate the history database if migration failed
  • Require AC power when updating Thunderbolt devices
  • Require --force to install a release with a different version format
  • Save history from firmware installed with fwupdtool

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This update has been submitted for testing by rhughes.

This update has been pushed to testing.


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adamwill edited this update.

New build(s):

  • fwupd-1.2.7-2.fc29

Removed build(s):

  • fwupd-1.2.7-1.fc29

Karma has been reset.

This update has been submitted for testing by adamwill.

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