FEDORA-2019-061f672da9 created by remi a month ago for Fedora 31

Version 3.5.1

  • Very very verbose diff report output has slightly changed to improve readability
    • Output is printed when running PHPCS with the --report=diff and -vvv command line arguments
    • Fully qualified class names have been replaced with sniff codes
    • Tokens being changed now display the line number they are on
  • PSR2, PSR12, and PEAR standards now correctly check for blank lines at the start of function calls
    • This check has been missing from these standards, but has now been implemented
    • When using the PEAR standard, the error code is PEAR.Functions.FunctionCallSignature.FirstArgumentPosition
    • When using PSR2 or PSR12, the error code is PSR2.Methods.FunctionCallSignature.FirstArgumentPosition
  • PSR12.ControlStructures.BooleanOperatorPlacement no longer complains when multiple expression appears on the same line
    • Previously, boolean operators were enforce to appear at the start or end of lines only
    • Boolean operators can now appear in the middle of the line
  • PSR12.Files.FileHeader no longer ignores comments preceding a use, namespace, or declare statement
  • PSR12.Files.FileHeader now allows a hashbang line at the top of the file
  • Fixed bug #2506 : PSR2 standard can't auto fix multi-line function call inside a string concat statement
  • Fixed bug #2530 : PEAR.Commenting.FunctionComment does not support intersection types in comments
  • Fixed bug #2615 : Constant visibility false positive on non-class constants
  • Fixed bug #2616 : PSR12.Files.FileHeader false positive when file only contains docblock
  • Fixed bug #2619 : PSR12.Files.FileHeader locks up when inline comment is the last content in a file
  • Fixed bug #2621 : PSR12.Classes.AnonClassDeclaration.CloseBraceSameLine false positive for anon class passed as function argument
    • Thanks to Martins Sipenko for the patch
  • Fixed bug #2623 : PSR12.ControlStructures.ControlStructureSpacing not ignoring indentation inside multi-line string arguments
  • Fixed bug #2624 : PSR12.Traits.UseDeclaration doesnt apply the correct indent during auto fixing
  • Fixed bug #2626 : PSR12.Files.FileHeader detects @var annotations as file docblocks
  • Fixed bug #2628 : PSR12.Traits.UseDeclaration does not allow comments above a USE declaration
  • Fixed bug #2632 : Incorrect indentation of lines starting with "static" inside closures
  • Fixed bug #2641 : PSR12.Functions.NullableTypeDeclaration false positive when using new static()

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2019-061f672da9
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