FEDORA-2019-1063d37636 created by remi 4 years ago for Fedora 30

Version 2.6.5

Bug, Regression

  • 7905: [Paginator] Fix type conversion during hydration of pagination limit subquery thanks to @akorz, @lcobucci, and @ostrolucky
  • 7862: Using ArrayCollection->clear over an entity marked to be persisted, doesn't create corresponding DELETE statements thanks to @ferrastas and @ostrolucky
  • 7861: Delete statements will not be created using clear thanks to @ferrastas


  • 7869: UnitOfWork::clear() misses $eagerLoadingEntities thanks to @BenMorel
  • 7865: #7837 paginate with custom identifier types even with enabled DQL query cache thanks to @Ocramius
  • 7856: Fix underscore naming strategy behaviour with numbers thanks to @lcobucci
  • 7855: Numbers in a string using underscore naming strategy thanks to @vuras
  • 7850: Don't merge PersistentCollection orderBy with criteria in matching() thanks to @nlx-lars
  • 7842: #7841 SchemaTool generates extra diff for platforms without FK support thanks to @vpArth
  • 7764: #7763 escape quotes in field comments thanks to @guillaume-a
  • 7763: "doctrine:mapping:import" does not escape quotes in field comments thanks to @guillaume-a
  • 7684: only replace '_id' at end of columnName thanks to @rharink


  • 7889: Use quoted collation declaration when available, fixes test suite when running against DBAL 2.10+ thanks to @ajgarlag


  • 7884: [Documentation] Advanced field value... - missing entity alias thanks to @rogeriolino
  • 7880: Update documentation to recommend DQL over QueryBuilder when possible thanks to @kuraobi and @javiereguiluz
  • 7871: AbstractQuery::getSingleScalarResult() throws exception when no result thanks to @BenMorel
  • 7858: Invalid version in Doctrine\ORM\Version::VERSION thanks to @guillaumesmo
  • 7849: Mention SQL logger impact on batch processing thanks to @axi
  • 7838: Fix the name of ClassMetadata in documentation thanks to @samnela
  • 7768: Fix EntityManagerHelper's documentation (it can't accept an array of paths) thanks to @mickaelandrieu
  • 7727: [doc] Finish incomplete definition of class UTCDateTimeType thanks to @madand
  • 7671: Added missing "the" thanks to @jschaedl
  • 7667: Fixes example One-To-One, Self-referencing thanks to @jschaedl
  • 7443: Added doc about exception in Query#getOneOrNullResult() thanks to @naitsirch and @Mynyx
  • 7298: Add a missing type in Query::getFirstResult PHPDoc thanks to @dunglas


  • 7851: Remove not used variable $reflFieldValue in ObjectHydrator thanks to @peter-gribanov

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4 years ago

This update has been obsoleted by php-doctrine-orm-2.6.6-1.fc30.

4 years ago

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