• [Firefox] Cosmetic filtering not enforced at uBO launch on already opened web pages
  • [Webext] Platform/webext/vapi-webrequest.js breaks uBo functionality
  • [Core] Compute URL of sublists as relative to URL of parent list Fix partyness evaluation for cases of base domain-less hostnames


  • [Firefox] Improve nowebrtc.js scriptlet


  • [New] Refactoring of the logger code for performance/efficiency purpose -- the logger output has been decoupled from the DOM.
  • [Firefox] Does not block JavaScript in embedded YouTube video on specific webpage
  • [Firefox] Move early blocking of requests out of experimental status on Firefox. Made easy by Firefox's webext API, as early blocking is natively supported.
  • [Core] Prevent sites from disabling mouse events for element picker
  • [Core] Add an option to remove the URL comments in My filters (originally declined in #93)
  • [Core] uBO does not unhide nodes no longer matching procedural cosmetic filters
  • [Core] Static extended filtering: fix empty hostnames not being detected/handled
  • [Core] Cosmetic filter ## or ##tag, same as ##* in element picker only
  • [Core] !#include directive should insert sub-content at directive point 3rd-gen HNTrie
  • [Core] Duplicate specific cosmetic filters not discarded when "Ignore generic" is enabled
  • [Core] $generichide is still applied even when website is whitelisted
  • [Core] Change "IDN: ABPindo" to "IDN, MYS: ABPindo"
  • [Core] Changing the button for the NOR list
  • [Core] Filter list view - ugly/messy line breaking/wrapping at minus sign char
  • [Core] Add X to close overlay box
  • [Core] No scripting switch number not fully displayed
  • [Core] Remember and reuse last position/size of the logger popup window
  • [Core] Logger filter lookup overlay should scroll when filter too long
  • [Core] Element picker not taking into account srcset when blocking an image = non-working network filter
  • [Core] Internationalize CodeMirror's hard-coded tooltips in the "My rules" pane
  • [Core] Remember the cursor position in 'My Filters' tab
  • [Core] Deprecate pseudo operator :if(...), :if-not(...), reuse :has(...), :not(...)
  • [Core] Improve representation of behind-the-scene network requests in the logger
  • [Core] The element picker window is almost invisible
  • [Core] Duplicated entry when creating dynamic filter in logger
  • [Core] Logger loads blocked content in preview


  • [Firefox] When pasting multiple lines into the rules editor they are joined together in a single line. Fixed by importing latest release of CodeMirror.
  • [Core] ##.ad.super from EasyList is causing ##.ad to not be applied
  • [Core] Fix missing trailing asterisk in filter representation in the logger
  • [Core] No context menu entry for data:* iframes (banners)
  • [Core] UI Search field and it's search counter interfere with each other / unreadable
  • [Core] "Update now" button flashes for 1 second before changing the count numbers
  • [Core] Improve usability of temporarily disabling strict-blocking
  • [Core] HTML filter exception doesn't work
  • [Core] $badfilter does not work on a CSP filter

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