security update in Fedora 28 for subversion

Status: stable 6 months ago

This update includes the latest stable release of Apache Subversion, version 1.11.1. This update fixes a security issue in mod_dav_svn, CVE-2018-11803:

Malicious SVN clients can trigger a crash in mod_dav_svn by omitting the root path from a recursive directory listing request.

See https://subversion.apache.org/security/CVE-2018-11803-advisory.txt for more information.

User-visible changes:

Minor new features and improvements:

  • Conflict resolver support for added vs unversioned file
  • Conflict resolver support for unversioned directories
  • Improve help for 'svn add' and the '-N' option
  • Improve display of Mac OS name in 'svn --version --verbose'

Client-side bugfixes:

  • Fix: repos-to-WC copy with --parents doesn't create dirs (issue 4768)
  • Fix: foreign repo copy with peg/operative revisions (issue 4785)
  • Fix: foreign repo copy of file adding mergeinfo (issue 4792)
  • Fix: assertion failure using -rPREV on a working copy at r0 (issue 4532)
  • Fix: tree conflict message ends a sentence with a colon (issue 4717)

Server-side bugfixes:

  • Fix: unexpected SVN_ERR_FS_NOT_DIRECTORY errors (issue 4791)
  • Fix: mod_dav_svn's SVNUseUTF8 had no effect in some setups
  • Fix crash in mod_http2 (issue 4782)

Other tool improvements and bugfixes:

  • svndumpfilter: Clarify error messages by including node path

Bindings bugfixes:

  • JavaHL: Fix crash in client code when using external diff

Developer-visible changes:


  • Fix build on systems without python in $PATH
  • Fix compiler warnings about indentation

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