FEDORA-2019-35b74f9caf created by kalev 4 years ago for Fedora 30

shotwell 0.31.0 release:

  • Reorganize source tree
  • Visually clean-up saved search editing dialog
  • Use org.freedesktop.FileManager1 instead of calling nautilus directly.
  • Fix some deprecated calls in faces code
  • Fix icon fall-back
  • Add support for reading WEBP
  • Some appdata fixes
  • Skip hidden folders such as .thumbnails
  • Fix missing icons in sidebar
  • Use Gtk.FileChooserNative for nicer portal integration
  • flatpak: several updates of dependencies
  • flatpak: strip-down OpenCV
  • Fix another "unknown source-id" warning
  • Stop spinning the event loop when changing window cursors
  • Several fixes to scroll events
  • Fix tooltips on overview pages
  • Fix issue with ImageHeight and ImageWidth mix-up
  • Strip diacritics from events and tags for better searching
  • Support gexiv2 0.12
  • Add -p/--show-metadata option to Shotwell for dumping meta-data
  • Increase comment limit to 4k chars
  • Fix deprecations in Piwigo builder files
  • Do not make Cancel the default action in the authenication panel
  • Clean-up in several places in the publishers
  • Split-up some of the publishing panel code and move to GtkBuilder
  • Simplify the login landing page for publishing
  • Remove non-functional Facebook publisher code
  • Split-up CheckerBoardLayout.vala file
  • Use nicer messages on empty filters etc.
  • Merge face recognition code
  • Fix fall-back icon for cameras
  • Fix CSS and icon theme initialization code
  • Fix an issue with chaining up the constructors for the main window classes
  • Fix issue with ACDSEE tags parser attaching all known tags to all imported images
  • Mege Map support
  • Use my mapbox API token for map support
  • Minor refactor of Page.vala eliminating duplicated code
  • Drop conditionals for old Vala
  • Several fixes with recent Vala versions
  • Page.vala code split-up
  • Various typo fixes
  • Fix issue with artist containing an email address
  • Add optional private DBus communication for faces recognition binary

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2019-35b74f9caf

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