bugfix update in Fedora 28 for php-cs-fixer

Status: testing 5 days ago

Changelog for v2.14.1

  • bug #4240 ModernizeTypesCastingFixer - fix for operators with higher precedence (kubawerlos)
  • bug #4254 PhpUnitDedicateAssertFixer - fix for count with additional operations (kubawerlos)
  • bug #4260 Psr0Fixer and Psr4Fixer - fix for multiple classes in file with anonymous class (kubawerlos)
  • bug #4262 FixCommand - fix help (keradus)
  • bug #4276 MethodChainingIndentationFixer, ArrayIndentationFixer - Fix priority issue (dmvdbrugge)
  • bug #4280 MethodArgumentSpaceFixer - Fix method argument alignment (Billz95)
  • bug #4286 IncrementStyleFixer - fix for static statement (kubawerlos)
  • bug #4291 ArrayIndentationFixer - Fix indentation after trailing spaces (julienfalque, keradus)
  • bug #4292 NoSuperfluousPhpdocTagsFixer - Make null only type not considered superfluous (julienfalque)
  • minor #4204 DX: Tokens - do not unregister/register found tokens when collection is not changing (kubawerlos)
  • minor #4235 DX: more specific @param types (kubawerlos)
  • minor #4263 DX: AppVeyor - bump PHP version (keradus)
  • minor #4293 Add official support for PHP 7.3 (keradus)
  • minor #4295 DX: MethodArgumentSpaceFixerTest - fix edge case for handling different line ending when only expected code is provided (keradus)
  • minor #4296 DX: cleanup testing with fixer config (keradus)
  • minor #4299 NativeFunctionInvocationFixer - add array_key_exists (deguif, keradus)
  • minor #4300 DX: cleanup testing with fixer config (keradus)

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