newpackage update in Fedora 30 for poetry, python-cleo, & 2 more

Status: stable 2 months ago

Initial packaging of poetry for fedora.

How to install

sudo dnf install --advisory=FEDORA-2019-458e2b6e9e \*

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Works for me using the same packages from decathorpe/poetry COPR.

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Poetry indeed can be launched and new project can be created. Thanks for packaging this. BTW I haven't fetched python3-clikit (seems not to be needed).

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This update has been submitted for stable by bodhi.

@churchyard clikit isn't used yet, but future versions of poetry / cleo will depend on it. Which is why I've already packaged it in advance, to make future updates easier.

This update has been pushed to stable.

@decathorpe Thanks, on Fedora 30 I couldn't run poetry without exceptions until I installed python3-lockfile and could not install packages until I installed python3-pip.

@phaer whoops, thanks for the info. I guess this didn't come up in our testing since we all had these packages already installed on our systems for other reasons.

Looking at the poetry metadata, it doesn't mention dependencies on these packages at all. I'll add dependencies on python3-pip and python3-lockfile manually, for now.

@decathorpe That was qucik, thanks again! Just evaluating Fedora once again as a long-time Debian user and so I had close to nothing installed yet.

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@phaer I've opened a tracking issue for this, and I will fix it as soon as I won't interfere with work on python 3.8.


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