security update in Fedora 30 for php-pecl-imagick

Status: stable 5 months ago

Version 3.4.4

  • The 3.4.4 release is intended to be the last release (other than small bug fixes) that will support either PHP 5.x, or ImageMagick 6.x. The next planned release will be PHP > 7.0 and ImageMagick > 7.0 at least, if not higher.
  • Added:
  • Fixes:
    • Correct version check to make RemoveAlphaChannel and FlattenAlphaChannel be available when using Imagick with ImageMagick version 6.7.8-x
    • Bug 77128 - Imagick::setImageInterpolateMethod() not available on Windows
    • Prevent memory leak when ImagickPixel::__construct called after object instantiation.
    • Prevent segfault when ImagickPixel internal constructor not called.
    • Imagick::setResourceLimit support for values larger than 2GB (2^31) on 32bit platforms.
    • Corrected memory overwrite in Imagick::colorDecisionListImage()
    • Bug 77791 - ImagickKernel::fromMatrix() out of bounds write.
  • Deprecated:
    • The following functions have been deprecated:
      • ImagickDraw, matte
      • Imagick::averageimages
      • Imagick::colorfloodfillimage
      • Imagick::filter
      • Imagick::flattenimages
      • Imagick::getimageattribute
      • Imagick::getimagechannelextrema
      • Imagick::getimageclipmask
      • Imagick::getimageextrema
      • Imagick::getimageindex
      • Imagick::getimagematte
      • Imagick::getimagemattecolor
      • Imagick::getimagesize
      • Imagick::mapimage
      • Imagick::mattefloodfillimage
      • Imagick::medianfilterimage
      • Imagick::mosaicimages
      • Imagick::orderedposterizeimage
      • Imagick::paintfloodfillimage
      • Imagick::paintopaqueimage
      • Imagick::painttransparentimage
      • Imagick::radialblurimage
      • Imagick::recolorimage
      • Imagick::reducenoiseimage
      • Imagick::roundcornersimage
      • Imagick::roundcorners
      • Imagick::setimageattribute
      • Imagick::setimagebias
      • Imagick::setimageclipmask
      • Imagick::setimageindex
      • Imagick::setimagemattecolor
      • Imagick::setimagebiasquantum
      • Imagick::setimageopacity
      • Imagick::transformimage

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2019-488d0f9a4b

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