Changes in cddlib:

  • The cdd_both_reps facility has been superseded by cddexec, so this build drops the added cdd_both_reps and cdd_both_reps_gmp binaries.

Changes in eclib 20190909:

  • Remove all calls to abort(), and make sure all error/warning messages to cout and cerr are flushed.
  • Added pkg-config support.
  • make --with-flint="" consistent with ntl and pari.
  • increased default PARI stack size to 10^9 bytes (was only 100k).

Changes in frobby:

  • An updated patch from the Macaulay2 developers is applied, and the library is no longer underlinked.

Changes in latte-integrale:

  • A patch was applied to prevent dividing by zero with recent ntl versions.

Changes in normaliz 3.8.0:

  • This release adds the computation of automorphism groups to Normaliz. Various types of automorphism groups can be computed: combinatorial, rational/algebraic, integral and euclidean. It is not yet possible to use the automorphism groups in the computation of other invariants, which is the main reason for their introduction.
  • Issues #234, #235, #249, #255 and #262 have been fixed.
  • The option to use Scip has been removed.

Changes in Macaulay2

Changes in ntl 11.4.0:

Changes in python-ipykernel 5.1.2:

  • Fix socket-binding race conditions (:ghpull: 412, :ghpull: 419)
  • Add a no-op flush method to DummySocket and comply with stream API (:ghpull: 405)
  • Update kernel version to indicate kernel v5.3 support (:ghpull: 394)
  • Add testing for upcoming Python 3.8 and PEP 570 positional parameters

Changes in python-jupyter-client 5.3.3:

Changes in python-jupyter-core 4.5.0:

  • jupyter --version now tries to show the version number of various other installed Jupyter packages, not just jupyter_core (:ghpull:136). This will hopefully make it clearer that there are various packages with their own version numbers.
  • Allow a :envvar:JUPYTER_CONFIG_PATH environment variable to specify a search path of additional locations for config (:ghpull:139).
  • jupyter subcommand no longer modifies the :envvar:PATH environment variable when it runs jupyter-subcommand (:ghpull:148).
  • Jupyter's 'runtime' directory no longer uses XDG_RUNTIME_DIR (:ghpull:143). While it has some attractive properties, it has led to various problems; see the pull request for details.
  • Fix JupyterApp to respect the raise_config_file_errors traitlet (:ghpull:149).
  • Various improvements to the bash completion scripts in this repository (:ghpull:125, :ghpull:126).
  • The script now always uses setuptools, like most other Jupyter projects (:ghpull:147).
  • The LICENSE file is included in wheels (:ghpull:133).

Changes in sagemath:

  • Build with primecount support
  • Add more GAP packages to get closer to the upstream set: liealgdb, loops, mapclass, repsn, liering, liepring, quagroup, sla, and corelg.

All other builds are simple rebuilds due to one of the changes above.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2019-65876aef60

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BZ#1618938 Macaulay2: use openblas instead of atlas
BZ#1722169 python-jupyter-core-4.5.0 is available
BZ#1727659 python-jupyter-client-5.3.3 is available
BZ#1742596 python-ipykernel-5.1.2 is available
BZ#1755635 jupyter_client: cannot start manager with stdout redirected to /dev/null

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