enhancement update in Fedora 30 for anaconda

Status: stable 6 months ago

fix a couple bugs and switch some more parts of Anaconda to communicate over DBUS with each other

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2019-7f36d739dc

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This update has been submitted for testing by m4rtink.

This update has been pushed to testing.

works for me

karma: +1


karma: +1

This update has been submitted for batched by bodhi.

This update has been submitted for stable by bodhi.

This update has been pushed to stable.

Unfortunately just too late, but this should not have gone stable. It breaks initial-setup, which is a release blocking bug.


karma: -1 critpath: -1

That Initial Setup bug needs a fix in the Initial Setup codebase, so we can simply do a IS only update that fixes it once it reaches stable.

And this is the Initial Setup Bodhi update with the fix:


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