enhancement update in Fedora 30 for mock

Status: stable 5 months ago
  • ignore weird distro.version() [#1690374]
  • switch to string rpm's API [#1693759]
  • FileNotFoundError is not defined in Python 2 [#1696234]
  • Fix python2-devel build require
  • temporary do not make errors from createrepo_c fatal [GH#249]
  • allow to configure disabled DNF plugins [GH#210]
  • print warning when user is not in the mock group [GH#244]
  • implement Dynamic Build Dependencies
  • Allow mock to be built for epel 8, and without tests
  • Add debug logging for systemd-nspawn and related args
  • Fix mock for non-ascii paths on python2
  • require python-jinja2 rather than python2-jinja2
  • Fix --enable-network documentation in man page

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Works for me

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No regressions

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works for me

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00 #1693759 mock: Switch to a string for RPM calls (oncoming rpm API fix change)
00 #1696234 Missing package error not catched

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