FEDORA-2019-af5e9f72a8 created by jjames 2 years ago for Fedora 30

Changes in version 20191025-3.1:

  • PR lib/54067: Only quote the completion matches if we are doing filename completion. If the user supplies a value for the attempted_completion_function parameter then we cannot be sure if the completion is for filename or something else. In such a case don't attempt to quote the completion matches.
  • Perform quoting of filename completions when there are multiple matches as well. Quoting of special characters in filename completion was implemented for the single match case. This enables it for multiple matches as well. This required unescaping escape sequences generated during last completion in order to find the word to complete. While there, also update the test to include cases for multiple matches.
  • PR/54117: Fix memory overrun: Account for the closing quote in memory allocation if quoted.
  • PR/52359: When resizing because of a signal save and restore the cursor position, since it does not change.
  • PR lib/54131 - declare the loop variable outside the for loop
  • Follow the man page for EL_GETTC and do not require a NULL terminated argument list: https://reviews.llvm.org/D61191.
  • PR/54279: Ignore adjacent start/end prompt ignore.
  • PR/54280: rl_completer_quote_characters should be const for readline compat
  • PR/54281: NULL terminate rl_line_buffer on modification to avoid completion leak.
  • PR/54329: According to https://www.gnu.org/software/termutils/manual/termcap-1.3/html_chapter/termcap_4.html#SEC23 a cursor move with multiple escapes has undefined results when moving out of the screen. Stop using DO to move down multiple lines and use a loop of newlines instead.
  • PR/54400: out-of-bounds read in libedit c_delbefore
  • PR/54399: Uninitialized memory access in libedit history. Initialize the buffer using calloc. While here change all malloc(a * sizeof(b)) to calloc(a, sizeof(b)).
  • Put the NULL check immediately after the allocation in hist_init()
  • PR/54415: libedit stats completions for non-file completions. Use the proper completion function and account for the character appended by the function when computing the number of columns.
  • Increment offset when adding an element to history to keep it aligned with the last element entered.
  • PR lib/54510: Fix file completion inside quotes which broke with the second change in this list. While there also fix handling character appending in file completions when inside quotes. For example when inside a quote, if the completion is a directory then append a '/' but don't close the quote. On the other hand when inside a quote if the completion is a file name and it is the only match then we can close the quote.
  • Fix type of MB_FILL_CHAR and remove cast for it in terminal.c.
  • Change strncpy to either memcpy (when we know the len), or strlcpy.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2019-af5e9f72a8

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