FEDORA-2019-ccf415061e created by kkofler 2 years ago for Fedora 28

An update of Calamares to version 3.2.8. See https://calamares.io/ for the many changes since the previously packaged version 3.1.8. In particular, UEFI "Secure Boot" is now supported.

In addition to the changes listed by upstream, the following fixes for critical Calamares bugs specifically affecting Fedora were upstreamed into Calamares 3.2.8:

  • A critical bug where it would fail to mount /dev/mapper/live-base (for unpacking into the target) was fixed. (There were in fact 2 bugs: 1. the loop device /dev/mapper/live-base would get accidentally destroyed by the ClearMountsJob in the partition module (a regression in 3.2.x), and 2. the mounting in the mount module would fail to mount it due to the mount flags used (a bug that also affected the previous Fedora package, known to affect at least Fedora ≥ 29; it is unknown whether an updated Fedora 28 is also affected or not).)
  • An issue where Fedora ≥ 30 systems installed with Calamares and with SELinux enabled would fail to start dbus-broker due to an SELinux labeling issue was fixed. This also affects Fedora 28 installations if they are later upgraded to Fedora ≥ 30 (and the workaround is to relabel /dev manually).

In addition, in the Calamares package included in this update:

  • The "Secure Boot" shim support was fixed to create /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg using grub2-mkconfig, so that UEFI installations are actually bootable. (This fix will be included in Calamares 3.2.9.)
  • The optional calamares-webview subpackage is now built against QtWebKit rather than QtWebEngine because QtWebEngine no longer accepts running as root without workarounds (and unfortunately, Calamares still needs to run as root).
  • Calamares has a new calamares-plasmalnf subpackage with the optional (disabled by default) plasmalnf module that allows configuring the Plasma look&feel. The module is optional because it depends on Plasma.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2019-ccf415061e

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