bugfix update in Fedora 28 for phan

Status: testing 5 days ago

10 Feb 2019, Phan 1.2.3

New features (CLI):

  • Add -I <file_list> as an alias of --include-analysis-file-list <file>.
  • Support repeating the include option (-I <file_or_list> -I <file_or_list>) and the exclude option (-3 <file_or_list> -3 <file_or_list>).

New features (Analysis):

  • Inherit more specific phpdoc types even when there are real types in the signature. (#2409) e.g. inherit @param array<int,\stdClass> and @return MyClass[] from the ancestor class of function someMethod(array $x) : array {}.

This is only done when each phpdoc type is compatible with the real signature type.

  • Detect more expressions without side effects: PhanNoopEmpty and PhanNoopIsset (for isset(expr) and empty(expr)) (#2389)
  • Also emit PhanNoopBinaryOperator for the ??, ||, and && operators, but only when the result is unused and the right hand side has no obvious side effects. (#2389)
  • Properly analyze effects of a property/field access expression as the key of a foreach statement. (#1601)
  • Emit PhanTypeInstantiateTrait when calling new TraitName() (#2379)
  • Emit PhanTemplateTypeConstant when using @var T on a class constant's doc comment. (#2402)
  • Warn for invalid operands of a wider variety of binary operators (/, /=, >>, <<=, -, %, **, etc) (#2410) New issue types: PhanTypeInvalidRightOperandOfIntegerOp and PhanTypeInvalidLeftOperandOfIntegerOp. Also, mention the operator name in the issue message.

Language Server/Daemon mode:

  • Attempted fixes for bugs with issue filtering in the language server on Windows.
  • Add --language-server-disable-output-filter, which disables the language server filter to limit outputted issues to those in files currently open in the IDE.


  • Don't emit a warning to stderr when --language-server-completion-vscode is used.
  • Catch the rare RecursionDepthException in more places, improve readability of its exception message. (#2386)
  • Warn that php-ast 1.0.0 and older always crash with PHP 7.4-dev or newer.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix edge cases in checking if properties/methods are accessible from a trait (#2371)
  • Fix edge cases checking for PhanTypeInstantiateInterface and PhanTypeInstantiateAbstract (#2379)


  • Infer a literal string return value when calling sprintf on known literal scalar types in PrintfCheckerPlugin. (#2131)
  • Infer that ;@foo(); is not a usage of foo() in UseReturnValuePlugin. (#2412)
  • Implement NotFullyQualifiedUsagePlugin to warn about uses of global functions and constants that aren't fully qualified. (#857)

02 Feb 2019, Phan 1.2.2

New features(CLI):

  • Emit a warning to stderr if no files were parsed when Phan is invoked. (#2289)

New features(Analysis):

  • Add @phan-extends and @extends as an alias of @inherits (#2351)
  • Make checks such as $x !== 'a literal' (and !=) remove the literal string/int type from the union type. (#1789)

Language Server/Daemon mode:

  • Limit analysis results of the language server to only the currently open files. (#1722)
  • Limit analysis results of Phan daemon to just the requested files in all output formats (#2374) (not just when phan_client post-processes the output)
  • Make code completion immediately after typing -> and :: behave more consistently (#2343) Note: this fix only applies at the very last character of a line
  • Be more consistent about including types in hover text for properties (#2348)
  • Make "Go to Definition" on new MyClass go to MyClass::__construct if it exists. (#2276)
  • Support "Go to Definition" for references to global functions and global constants in comments and literal strings. Previously, Phan would only look for class definitions in comments and literal strings.
  • Fix a crash requesting completion results for some class names/global constants.


  • Warn and exit immediately if any plugins are missing or invalid (instead of crashing after parsing all files) (#2099)
  • Emit warnings to stderr if any config settings seem to be the wrong type (#2376)
  • Standardize on logging to stderr.
  • Add more details about the call that crashed to the crash report.

Bug fixes:

  • Emit a warning and exit if --config-file <file> does not exist (#2271)
  • Fix inferences about foreach ($arr as [[$nested]]) {...} (#2362)
  • Properly analyze accesses of @internal elements of the root namespace from other parts of the root namespace. (#2366)
  • Consistently emit UseNormalNoEffect (etc.) when using names/functions/constants of the global scrope from the global scope.
  • Fix a bug causing incorrect warnings due to uses of global/class constants.


  • Add UseReturnValuePlugin, which will warn about code that calls a function/method such as sprintf or array_merge without using the return value.

The list it uses is not comprehensive; it is a small subset of commonly used functions.

This plugin can also be configured to automatically warn about failing to use a return value of any user-defined or internal function-like, when over 98% of the other calls in the codebase did use the return value.

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This update has been submitted for testing by remi.

This update has obsoleted phan-1.2.2-1.fc28, and has inherited its bugs and notes.

This update has been pushed to testing.

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