FEDORA-2019-dc0160be57 created by xvitaly 2 years ago for Fedora 30


This release introduces a few convenience functions and performs a lot of house keeping (bug fixes and small improvements). All changes are backward-compatible.

New Features

  • Add overload of the contains function to check if a JSON pointer is valid without throwing exceptions, just like its counterpart for object keys. #1600
  • Add a function to_string to allow for generic conversion to strings. #916 #1585
  • Add return value for the emplace_back function, returning a reference to the added element just like C++17 is introducing this for std::vector. #1609
  • Add info how to use the library with the pacman package manager on MSYS2. #1670

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue where typedefs with certain names yielded a compilation error. #1642 #1643
  • Fix a conversion to std::string_view in the unit tests. #1634 #1639
  • Fix MSVC Debug build. #1536 #1570 #1608
  • Fix get_to method to clear existing content before writing. #1511 #1555
  • Fix a -Wc++17-extensions warning. nodiscard attributes are now only used with Clang when -std=c++17 is used. #1535 #1551


  • Switch from Catch to doctest for the unit tests which speeds up compilation and runtime of the 112,112,308 tests.
  • Add an explicit section to the README about the frequently addressed topics character encoding, comments in JSON, and the order of object keys.

Further Changes

  • Use GNUInstallDirs to set library install directories. #1673
  • Fix links in the README. #1620 #1621 #1622 #1623 #1625
  • Mention json type on the documentation start page. #1616
  • Complete documentation of value() function with respect to type_error.302 exception. #1601
  • Fix links in the documentation. #1598
  • Add regression tests for MSVC. #1543 #1570
  • Use CircleCI for continuous integration.
  • Use Doozer for continuous integration on Linux (CentOS, Raspbian, Fedora)
  • Add tests to check each CMake flag (JSON_BuildTests, JSON_Install, JSON_MultipleHeaders, JSON_Sanitizer, JSON_Valgrind, JSON_NoExceptions, JSON_Coverage).
  • Use Hedley to avoid re-inventing several compiler-agnostic feature macros like JSON_DEPRECATED, JSON_NODISCARD, JSON_LIKELY, JSON_UNLIKELY, JSON_HAS_CPP_14, or JSON_HAS_CPP_17. Functions taking or returning pointers are annotated accordingly when a pointer will not be null.
  • Build and run tests on AppVeyor in DEBUG and RELEASE mode.

Deprecated functions

This release does not deprecate any functions.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2019-dc0160be57

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