FEDORA-2019-e2b7244c5c created by jamatos 3 years ago for Fedora 28

Update to latest stable release. The list of changes (taken from the Changelog) is:

  • Added dedicated diff() methods for "yearmon" and "yearqtr" objects.
  • Fix potential problems when logic comparisons in if() are not of length 1.
  • Fix potential protect calls found by rchk. ScalarInteger() and MAKE_CLASS() potentially allocate.
  • Set useDynamicSymbols to FALSE as it is better practice to not allow the DLL to be searched for entry points via strings.
  • Replace as.zoo.xts() with xts:::as.zoo.xts(). Both zoo and xts register an as.zoo.xts() method with the xts version being slightly better. Hence the zoo version was replaced with the xts version as the package that owns the class should define the conversion method.
  • read.zoo(x) did not process columns correctly who had column names that are intergers in 1:ncol(x).
  • Add example on ?ggplot2.zoo that illustrates how to use scale_x_yearmon for a discrete labeling (rather than continuous).
  • Added suppressWarnings(RNGversion("3.5.0")) in all vignettes and manual pages that use set.seed() to make computations reproducible. This is necessitated by recent (> 3.5.0) improvements in R's default RNG to yield the same output in all CRAN checks.
  • Added maxgap=Inf argument to na.trim(). In particular na.approx() and na.spline() now pass on maxgap=maxgap to na.trim() so that leading/trailing NAs are handled consistently with inner NAs
  • Conditional registration of S3 methods simplified in R-devel (aka 3.6.0-to-be) which is leveraged in "zoo" for the autoplot() and fortify() methods if "ggplot2" is loaded.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2019-e2b7244c5c

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