FEDORA-2019-f09b3456d6 created by xvitaly 2 years ago for Fedora 31

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a segmentation fault when serializing std::int64_t minimum value. #1708 #1722
  • Fixed the contains() function for JSON Pointers. #1727 #1741
  • Fixed too lax SFINAE guard for conversion from std::pair and std::tuple to json. #1805 #1806 #1825 #1826
  • Fixed some regressions detected by UBSAN. Updated CI to use Clang-Tidy 7.1.0. #1716 #1728
  • Fixed integer truncation in iteration_proxy. #1797
  • Updated Hedley to v11 to fix a E2512 error in MSVC. #1799
  • Fixed a compile error in enum deserialization of non non-default-constructible types. #1647 #1821
  • Fixed the conversion from json to std::valarray.


  • The items() function can now be used with a custom string type. #1765
  • Added const version for json_pointer::back. #1764 #1769
  • Meson is part of the release archive. #1672 #1694
  • Improved documentation on the Meson and Spack package manager. #1694 #1720

Further Changes

  • Added GitHub Workflow with ubuntu-latest/GCC 7.4.0 as CI step.
  • Added GCC 9 to Travis CI to compile with C++20 support. #1724
  • Added MSVC 2019 to the AppVeyor CI. #1780
  • Added badge to fuzzing status.
  • Fixed some cppcheck warnings. #1760
  • Fixed several typos in the documentation. #1720 #1767 #1803
  • Added documentation on the JSON_THROW_USER, JSON_TRY_USER, and JSON_CATCH_USER macros to control user-defined exception handling.
  • Used GitHub's CODEOWNERS and SECURITY feature.
  • Removed GLOB from CMake files. #1779
  • Updated to Doctest 2.3.5.

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This update has been obsoleted by json-3.7.2-1.fc31.

2 years ago

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