FEDORA-2020-35df91cb72 created by sgallagh 2 weeks ago for Fedora 32

libmodulemd 2.10.0

Aleš Matěj (6)

  • Add modulemd-obsoletes
  • Add modulemd-obsoletes to modulemd-module-stream
  • Add modulemd-obsoletes to modulemd-module
  • Add modulemd-obsoletes to modulemd-module-index/merger
  • Convert modulemd-obsoletes dates to ISO 8601 format
  • Update documentation with eols and 2.10 index

Merlin Mathesius (32)

  • Address detected Coverity scan defects
  • TRAVIS: Bump Fedora version used for Coverity scan
  • Add tests for modulemd_load_string()
  • Clarify difference between MMD_YAML_ERROR_UNPARSEABLE and MMD_YAML_ERROR_PARSE
  • Enhance the travis build scripts and Dockerfile templates so that the common mmd_run_docker_tests() launcher function can also launch the Coverity scan. This enhancement made it a simple matter to switch the Coverity scan to run on CentOS 8 instead of Fedora.
  • Add StreamV3 object (#487)
  • Correct minor issues with MMD_INIT_YAML_STRING() and MMD_REINIT_YAML_STRING() not using the given _string argument.
  • Add YAML emit capabilities to BuildConfig object.
  • Add "equals" function for BuildConfig objects.
  • Increase timeout for debug tests.
  • modulemd-packager v3 spec fixup: include "arches" in per-configuration "buildopts"
  • Implement PackagerV3 mapping to StreamV2/StreamV3
  • Spec updates to modulemd-stream v3 and modulemd-packager v3 to specify module stream dependencies as single-element lists instead of scalars.
  • Implemention and test updates to reflect modulemd-stream v3 and modulemd-packager v3 spec changes to specify module stream dependencies as single-element lists instead of scalars.
  • Implement StreamV2 to StreamV3 upgrading
  • Add placeholder modulemd_module_stream_upgrade_ext()
  • Update modulemd_module_stream_upgrade_v2_to_v3_ext() argument to ModulemdModuleStreamV2 instead of ModulemdModuleStream
  • Added a lot of commentary to the StreamV2 to StreamV3 stream expansion process
  • Initial integration of StreamV2 to StreamV3 upgrading
  • Use proper GOobject type casting for BuildConfig
  • ModuleIndex stream mdversion is no longer allowed to change on-the-fly
  • Adjust new XMD tests added by PR#504 to preset index stream mdversion
  • Fill in default module license if necessary when mapping PackagerV3 to StreamV2.
  • StreamV3 license emitting bug fix
  • Refactor module/stream name autogeneration into separate functions
  • Autogen module/stream names when converting PackagerV3 for adding to index
  • Add wrapper script to simplify running valgrind tests
  • modulemd-validator: fix use of wrong loop index variable
  • Enable determining which sub-document(s) are the cause of a batch load failure
  • Add generalized function to debug dump any sub-document failures
  • Catch and sensibly report StreamV2 upgrade missing dependencies error
  • Revise tests for easier debugging

Neal Gompa (1)

  • CI: Fix installation of dependencies on openSUSE Tumbleweed

Peter Pentchev (1)

  • Correct some typographical errors.

Stephen Gallagher (51)

  • Bump version in meson.build to 2.9.5
  • Drop custom valgrind test
  • Replace all references to the 'master' branch
  • Docs must be on the 'master' branch due to Github limitations
  • validator: Add support for compressed YAML
  • fixup! validator: Add support for compressed YAML
  • Create rpmbuild directory
  • Disable LTO
  • TRAVIS: Add Fedora 33 to test hosts
  • Correct typo in documentation
  • Update test for newer bash versions
  • Fix incorrect error type
  • Update python formatting with python-black 20.8
  • Add convenience functions for loading the index
  • Add modulemd-packager and modulemd-stream v3 document specs.
  • Do not treat OpenMandriva tests as blocking
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/main' into mmdv3-devel
  • Add BuildConfig object
  • Add common mmd_parse_xmd() function
  • Add 'default' property to ModulemdProfile
  • Add PackagerV3 object
  • Tools: Tag with bare version as well
  • Enable source-git functionality for Fedora
  • Fix README
  • Merge branch 'main' into mmdv3-devel
  • CI: replace RPM creation with packit
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/main' into mmdv3-devel
  • Always output quoted stream name
  • Merge branch 'main' into mmdv3-devel
  • Apply clang-format changes
  • Change the specification of ref
  • Handle XMD for ModuleStreamV3 in python
  • Don't fail tests locally when overrides are changing
  • Container-based build setup
  • Conditionalize overrides
  • Merge branch 'container' into mmdv3-devel
  • Allow tests to fail on openSUSE Tumbleweed
  • Merge branch 'main' into mmdv3-devel
  • Fix python style issues
  • Fix memory leak in rpmmap test
  • Merge branch 'main' into mmdv3-devel
  • Suppress Coverity false-positive
  • Add Coverity modeling file to upstream sources
  • Improve valgrind performance in CI
  • Add modulmd_str_set_new()
  • Add Modulemd.UpgradeHelper object
  • Fix up override handling in tests
  • Fix up memory errors detected by clang
  • Run coverity modeling file through clang-format
  • Make UpgradeHelper private
  • Use UpgradeHelper during upgrades

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --enablerepo=updates-testing --advisory=FEDORA-2020-35df91cb72

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I discovered a problem with start sequence in dependencies section. This is a difference to V2 format that could generate a problem for people that generates yaml without usage of libmodulemd.

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