abrt-2.14.4-1.fc33, gnome-abrt-1.3.6-1.fc33, & 2 more

FEDORA-2020-4b52a7c75d created by mfabik 3 years ago for Fedora 33


  • forbidden_words: Add potentially sensitive env vars
  • lib: Add version script for libreport
  • lib: compress: Use libarchive
  • Replace various utility functions with stock GLib ones
  • gtk,lib: Update symbol list
  • dd: Update dd_get_owner to handle error return values
  • dirsize: Don't pick .lock'd dirs for deletion
  • setgid instead of setuid the abrt-action-install-debuginfo-to-abrt-cache
  • Various coding style improvements
  • Various memory management fixes
  • lib: Check for errors when opening files
  • gtk-helpers: Check return value
  • doc: Exclude more files with --without-bugzilla
  • lib: Don’t use external executables for decompression
  • lib: Decommission libreport_list_free_with_free
  • Drop Red Hat Customer Portal reporter
  • ureport: Drop Strata integration
  • lib: Remove creates-items tag parsing in event definitions


  • Remove #define PyString_AsString PyUnicode_AsUTF8
  • python: Adapt to changes made in PEP 590


  • oops-utils: Respect the 'world-readable' flag
  • Decommission libreport_list_free_with_free
  • plugins: abrt-dump-journal-core: Handle zstd compression
  • applet: application: Use GLib for logging
  • Replace various utility functions with stock GLib ones
  • Various coding style improvements
  • Update documentation
  • applet: application: Fix crash when processing deferred problems
  • dbus: Remove session objects when owner disconnects
  • python-problem: Use org.freedesktop.Problems2 API
  • abrt-console-notification: Work around noclobber
  • daemon: rpm: Use NEVRA instead of ENVRA
  • abrtd: Don't delete new problem dirs
  • Make sure that former caches are group writable
  • Various memory management fixes


  • views: Refactor _set_problem(), tweak code style
  • gnome-abrt: Load all required GIR namespaces
  • views: Unconditionally use Cairo surface for application icon
  • problems: Merge code from application module
  • signals: Drop compatibility code
  • dbus_problems: Drop unused import
  • Drop directory problem source
  • Drop desktop.py
  • Fix Python module installation
  • dbus_problems: Listen for Crash on org.freedesktop.Problems2

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