FEDORA-2020-5be8338988 created by psss a year ago for Fedora 34

Automatic update for tmt-1.2-1.fc34.

* Wed Dec  9 2020 Petr Šplíchal <> - 1.2-1
- Minor adjustment of the beakerlib test template
- Adjust the new test checking the error output
- Print errors to stderr
- Fix check for selecting plans during tmt run
- Update test coverage, fix finish step example
- Update spec/stories implementation coverage
- Skip import of manual cases with script
- Import header and footer from Nitrate
- Implement conversion between relevancy and adjust
- Support short options for selecting tests & plans
- Document the display and html report in the spec
- Explain the difference between fmf and tmt
- Fix the last missing framework in library tests
- Adjust the docs update and title implementation
- Implement a new story attribute 'title' (L3)
- Small documentation cleanup
- Simplify plan setup, move old plans to examples
- Store the whole debug log in the top run directory
- Add test for pip installability
- Add a new plan to cover minimal installation
- Move html report plugin into a separate subpackage
- Use 'output.txt' filename for the main test output
- Update required fmf version in
- Improve the css style for the html report
- Fix blocking read in
- Adjust a bit the improved html report
- Improve report-html --open
- Implement adjusting metadata based on the context
- Adjust the new 'html' report method
- New report --how html available
- Adjust environment import from Makefile metadata
- Import environment from Makefile metadata
- Update old beakerlib paths during tmt test import
- Adjust a little bit the user story templates
- Support libraries stored deep in the repositories
- Enable the new coverage stories section in docs
- First stories to cover tests coverage mapping
- Recommend using login shell in libvirt hints
- Use nitrate naming for the manual field export
- Export manual attribute to nitrate
- Store complete initialized data in metadata.yaml
- Merge the improved minute error messages [#425]
- Adjust a bit the minute provision error messages
- Handle testcloud problem with the images directory
- Handle tracebacks in minute provision
- Multiple enhancements for package preparation
- Gracefully handle invalid library reference

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2020-5be8338988

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