FEDORA-2020-6734f0a34f created by jakub 2 years ago for Fedora 33

Automatic update for gcc-10.0.1-0.12.fc33.

* Mon Apr 20 2020 Jakub Jelinek <> 10.0.1-0.12
- update from trunk
  - PRs analyzer/94378, bootstrap/89494, bootstrap/92008, c++/67825,
    c++/79937, c++/85278, c++/86327, c++/88754, c++/90711, c++/90996,
    c++/91377, c++/91966, c++/92010, c++/92187, c++/92878, c++/93207,
    c++/93211, c++/93790, c++/94034, c++/94149, c++/94155, c++/94205,
    c++/94219, c++/94252, c++/94306, c++/94314, c++/94325, c++/94359,
    c++/94385, c++/94426, c++/94453, c++/94454, c++/94462, c++/94470,
    c++/94475, c++/94477, c++/94478, c++/94480, c++/94481, c++/94483,
    c++/94507, c++/94512, c++/94521, c++/94523, c++/94528, c++/94571,
    c++/94588, c++/94608, c++/94632, c/92326, c/94392, c/94593, d/90136,
    d/94304, d/94305, d/94315, d/94321, d/94424, d/94425, d/94609,
    debug/94439, debug/94441, debug/94450, debug/94459, debug/94495,
    driver/94381, fortran/57129, fortran/85982, fortran/87644,
    fortran/87923, fortran/91800, fortran/93364, fortran/93498,
    fortran/93500, fortran/93522, fortran/93686, fortran/93871,
    fortran/94030, fortran/94090, fortran/94091, fortran/94192,
    fortran/94246, fortran/94347, fortran/94348, fortran/94386,
    gcov-profile/93401, gcov-profile/94570, go/94607, ipa/92676,
    ipa/93621, ipa/93940, ipa/94363, ipa/94434, ipa/94445, ipa/94582,
    libgcc/94513, libgomp/92843, libstdc++/93960, libstdc++/94498,
    libstdc++/94520, libstdc++/94562, libstdc++/94565, lto/94612,
    middle-end/89433, middle-end/93465, middle-end/94412,
    middle-end/94423, middle-end/94436, middle-end/94465,
    middle-end/94479, middle-end/94526, middle-end/94539,
    middle-end/94614, middle-end/94635, objc/94637, other/94629,
    rtl-optimization/84169, rtl-optimization/87716,
    rtl-optimization/93946, rtl-optimization/93974,
    rtl-optimization/94123, rtl-optimization/94291,
    rtl-optimization/94344, rtl-optimization/94468,
    rtl-optimization/94516, rtl-optimization/94605,
    rtl-optimization/94618, target/93053, target/94317, target/94368,
    target/94396, target/94417, target/94420, target/94435, target/94438,
    target/94460, target/94467, target/94488, target/94494, target/94500,
    target/94509, target/94530, target/94542, target/94551, target/94556,
    target/94561, target/94567, target/94584, target/94603, target/94606,
    testsuite/93369, testsuite/94079, testsuite/94402, testsuite/94533,
    tree-optimization/89713, tree-optimization/91322,
    tree-optimization/93674, tree-optimization/94043,
    tree-optimization/94398, tree-optimization/94401,
    tree-optimization/94403, tree-optimization/94443,
    tree-optimization/94482, tree-optimization/94524,
    tree-optimization/94573, tree-optimization/94574,
    tree-optimization/94598, tree-optimization/94621

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2020-6734f0a34f

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