FEDORA-2020-7fcd292964 created by vtrefny 2 years ago for Fedora 33

Automatic update for libblockdev-2.24-1.fc33.

* Fri May 22 2020 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.24-1
- Mark VDO plugin as deprecated since 2.24 (vtrefny)
- Fix multiple uninitialized values discovered by coverity (vtrefny)
- fs: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference in mount.c (vtrefny)
- utils: Remove deadcode in exec.c (vtrefny)
- Do not check VDO saving percent value in LVM DBus tests (vtrefny)
- Use libblkid to get label and UUID for XFS filesystems (vtrefny)
- Do not open devices as read-write for read-only fs operations (vtrefny)
- Create a common function to get label and uuid of a filesystem (vtrefny)
- lvm: Fix getting cache stats for cache thinpools (vtrefny)
- Do not skip LVM VDO tests when the kvdo module is already loaded (vtrefny)
- tests: Skip LVM VDO tests if kvdo module cannot be loaded (vtrefny)
- lvm-dbus: Add LVM VDO pools to bd_lvm_lvs (vtrefny)
- lvm: Add a function to get VDO pool name for a VDO LV (vtrefny)
- lvm-dbus: Get data LV name for LVM VDO pools too (vtrefny)
- Add functions to get VDO stats for LVM VDO volumes (vtrefny)
- Move VDO statistics code to a separate file (vtrefny)
- Fix copy-paste bug in lvm.api (vtrefny)
- exec: Disable encoding when reading data from stdout/stderr (vtrefny)
- Add function to get LVM VDO write policy from a string (vtrefny)
- Add extra parameters for creating LVM VDO volumes (vtrefny)
- Allow calling LVM functions without locking global_config_lock (vtrefny)
- Fix getting VDO data in the LVM DBus plugin (vtrefny)
- Fix getting string representation of unknown VDO state index (vtrefny)
- Add write policy and index size to LVM VDO data (vtrefny)
- Fix converting to VDO pool without name for the VDO LV (vtrefny)
- Add some helper functions to get LVM VDO mode and state strings (vtrefny)
- Add support for creating and managing VDO LVs with LVM (vtrefny)
- Fix LVM plugin so names in tests (vtrefny)
- Do not hardcode pylint executable name in Makefile (vtrefny)
- Add a function to check if a tool supports given feature (vtrefny)
- Avoid more bashisms (gentoo)
- mount: Fix a memleak (tbzatek)
- exec: Fix a memleak (tbzatek)
- vdo: Fix a memleak (tbzatek)
- Avoid bashisms (polynomial-c)
- tests: Specify loader for yaml.load in VDO tests (vtrefny)
- lvm-dbus: Fix memory leak in bd_lvm_thlvpoolname (vtrefny)
- lvm-dbus: Do not activate LVs during pvscan --cache (vtrefny)
- vdo: Run "vdo create" with "--force" (vtrefny)
- Fix typo in (un)mount error messages (vtrefny)
- utils: Add functions to get and check current linux kernel version (tbzatek)
- ext: Return empty string instead of "<none>" for empty UUID (vtrefny)
- Add support for BitLocker encrypted devices using cryptsetup (vtrefny)
- Add a helper function for closing an active crypto device (vtrefny)
- Manually remove symlinks not removed by udev in tests (vtrefny)
- Fix memory leak in LVM DBus plugin (vtrefny)
- Fix expected cache pool name with newest LVM (vtrefny)
- fs: Fix checking for UID/GID == 0 (vtrefny)
- Fixed a number of memory leaks in lvm-dbus plugin (mthompson)
- exec.c: Fix reading outputs with null bytes (vtrefny)
- Fix linking against utils on Debian (vtrefny)
- Add new function 'bd_fs_wipe_force' to control force wipe (vtrefny)
- Use 'explicit_bzero' to erase passphrases from key files (vtrefny)
- Sync spec with downstream (vtrefny)

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2020-7fcd292964

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