FEDORA-2020-912055a649 created by orion 7 months ago for Fedora 32
much faster (around 20x)
dedicated API for ECDH

Bug fixes:

from curves import * will now correctly import BRAINPOOLP256r1 and
BRAINPOOLP320r1 curves.

New features:

ECDH operations have a public explicit API.
Large hashes are now supported with small curves (e.g. SHA-256 can be used
with NIST192p).
VerifyingKey now supports the precompute() method to further speed up
signature verification with the given instance of the key.

New API:

VerifyingKey, SigningKey, Public_key, Private_key and
CurveFp now have __eq__ methods.
ecdsa.ecdh module and ECDH class.
PointJacobi added.
VerifyingKey.verify_digest, SigningKey.sign_digest and
SigningKey.sign_digest_deterministic methods now accept allow_truncate
argument to enable use of hashes larger than the curve order.
VerifyingKey from_pem and from_der now accept hashfunc parameter
like other from* methods.
VerifyingKey has precompute method now.
VerifyingKey.from_public_point may now not perform validation of public
point when validate_point=False argument is passed to method.
CurveFp constructor now accepts the h parameter - the cofactor of the
elliptic curve, it's used for selection of algorithm of public point


randrange now will now perform much fewer calls to system random number
PointJacobi introduced and used as the underlying implementation; speeds up
the library by a factor of about 20.
Library has now optional dependencies on gmpy and gmpy2. When they are
available, the elliptic curve calculations will be about 3 times faster.


expected minimum version of six module (1.9.0) is now specified explicitly
in setup.py and tested against.
Significantly faster test suite execution.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2020-912055a649

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