FEDORA-2020-aebc9f303a created by zpytela a year ago for Fedora 33

Automatic update for selinux-policy-3.14.6-17.fc33.

* Fri Jun 26 2020 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela@redhat.com> - 3.14.6-17
- Allow pdns server to read system state
- Allow irqbalance nnp_transition
- Fix description tag for the sssd_connect_all_unreserved_ports tunable
- Allow journalctl process set its resource limits
- Add sssd_access_kernel_keys tunable to conditionally access kernel keys
- Make keepalived work with network namespaces
- Create sssd_connect_all_unreserved_ports boolean
- Allow hypervkvpd to request kernel to load a module
- Allow systemd_private_tmp(dirsrv_tmp_t)
- Allow microcode_ctl get attributes of sysfs directories
- Remove duplicate files_dontaudit_list_tmp(radiusd_t) line
- Allow radiusd connect to gssproxy over unix domain stream socket
- Add fwupd_cache_t file context for '/var/cache/fwupd(/.*)?'
- Allow qemu read and write /dev/mapper/control
- Allow tlp_t can_exec() tlp_exec_t
- Dontaudit vpnc_t setting its process scheduling
- Remove files_mmap_usr_files() call for particular domains
- Allow dirsrv_t list cgroup directories
- Crete the kerberos_write_kadmind_tmp_files() interface
- Allow realmd_t dbus chat with accountsd_t
- Label systemd-growfs and systemd-makefs       as fsadm_exec_t
- Allow staff_u and user_u setattr generic usb devices
- Allow sysadm_t dbus chat with accountsd
- Modify kernel_rw_key() not to include append permission
- Add kernel_rw_key() interface to access to kernel keyrings
- Modify systemd_delete_private_tmp() to use delete_*_pattern macros
- Allow systemd-modules to load kernel modules
- Add cachefiles_dev_t as a typealias to cachefiles_device_t
- Allow libkrb5 lib read client keytabs
- Allow domain mmap usr_t files
- Remove files_mmap_usr_files() call for systemd domains
- Allow sshd write to kadmind temporary files
- Do not audit staff_t and user_t attempts to manage boot_t entries
- Add files_dontaudit_manage_boot_dirs() interface
- Allow systemd-tty-ask-password-agent read efivarfs files

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2020-aebc9f303a

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