FEDORA-2020-d532474f76 created by orion 2 years ago for Fedora 30

Update to

o more client-broker interaction (new events sent to the broker side) o crash fix for the automount feature o automatic UNIX helper bypass when starting X2Go Client with command line parameters that will let it (almost) immediately exit. No more killing of subprocesses when running x2goclient --help, yay! o fix sftp-server location scanning for Gentoo 17.1 profiles without a compat symlink o accept direct IPv6 addresses in proxy fields. Previously such input was parsed as "host:port:" and failed miserably. o make internal scp calls compatible with newer libssh versions and those with fixes for CVE-2019-14889 backported. This has the drawback that we can't scp files into other user's home directories easily any longer, but libssh will keep interpreting the path literally so there's nothing sensible we could do about this (other than looking up home directories in a complicated manner via other tools). Since we don't need to do this (currently), just live with that limitation. o fix an image corruption bug (seen upon resizing etc.) in custom SVGFrame widgets o disable PulseAudio autospawning in X2Go config file, thanks to Ville Salmela. Less spam in system logs for disconnected sessions! o in the Qt5 code path, actually search for "sftp-server", not "sftp-binary". Oops. o updated translations o updated copyright notices o now requires pkgconfig as a build dependency o add sftp-server binary path support for the default NixOS location o renamed shadow session type label to "X2Go/X11 Desktop Sharing" o document --broker-name in man page o rename XFreeRDP radio button labels to more accurate pre-2.0 and post-2.0 versions o new Czech translation thanks to Tom Ruzicka o correctly close channels on failures during checkLogin () thanks to Ulrich Sibiller o specifying an exclamation character ("!") at the start of host specifications will make X2Go Client skip login/interaction checks completely thanks to Ulrich Sibiller. "!" was chosen because it is not a valid DNS or alias name part. Can be used for both proxies and host endpoints.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2020-d532474f76

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