FEDORA-2020-db5a6ba79c created by dcantrell 4 months ago for Fedora 33

Automatic update for rpminspect-0.13-1.fc33.

* Mon May 18 2020 David Cantrell <dcantrell@redhat.com> - 0.13-1
- Remove the GitHub Release page stuff from utils/release.sh
- Drop meson_version from meson.build
- Change meson.build to require xmlrpc-c >= 1.32.5
- Fix some errors when running with libiniparser 3.1
- Only set CURLOPT_TCP_FASTOPEN if we have it available.
- Expand the template rpminspect.conf file for the test suite.
- Handle 'localhost.localdomain' FQDN in the test suite base clases
- Rework the test_manpage.py tests to work with rpm >= 4.11.x
- BR xmlrpc-c >= 1.32.5 and iniparser >= 3.1
- README updates
- Modify the Makefile so it works with 'ninja' or 'ninja-build'
- Rename the tests/ subdirectory to test/
- Split meson.build out in to different meson.build files.
- Move builds.c to lib/, remove builds.h from src/
- Move rpminspect.conf to data/, expand data/meson.build
- Fix the --version output to remove '@' wrapping the version number.
- Remove diff.3, the code is gone from lib/
- Begin doc/Doxyfile for API documentation.
- Add Doxygen documentation for badwords.c, builds.c, and checksums.c
- Make sure the changelog inspection runs with before/after pairs (#130)
- Ignore debuginfo and debugsource packages in the kmod inspection.
- Skip the kmod inspection if there is no peer_file (#131)
- Handle kernel modules that move paths between builds (#131)
- Test cases for kernel modules changing paths between builds (#131)
- Add Doxygen documentation to four C files, update others.
- First part of reworking the add_result() API.
- Add init_result_params() to reset the struct result_params structures.
- Additional Doxygen documentation blocks for librpminspect.
- More librpminspect documentation work.
- Un-static some of the inspect_elf.c functions.
- Remove MPARSE_MAN to let libmandoc autodetect the type (#132)
- Revise list_to_string() to support optional delimiter.
- Add get_elf_section_names() to librpminspect
- Support [lto] section with lto_symbol_name_prefixes in rpminspect.conf
- Add 'LTO' inspection to librpminspect (#129)
- Add 'LTO' inspection test cases (#129)
- Fix free(): double free detected in tcache 2 (#134)
- Do not strdup() header and remedy in add_result_entry()
- Store package extract root in rpmpeer_entry_t for each package.
- Add strtype() to librpminspect to return string indicating file type.
- Add the 'symlinks' inspection to librpminspect (#133)
- Add tests for the 'symlinks' inspection to the test suite
- Update README file
- chmod 0755 test_symlinks.py
- symlink inspection adjustments based on feedback (#135 & #136)
- Simplify the license inspection routine (#138)
- Add get_elf_machine() to readelf.c (#139)
- Elf64_Half -> GElf_Half in dt_needed_driver()
- Skip eBPF ELF objects in the 'elf' inspection (#139)
- Stop appending a newline to string in strappend()
- Collect all results from getLatestBuild Koji XML-RPC call (#137)
- Return EM_NONE in get_elf_machine()
- In download_build(), fix how srcfmt is set.
- Fix some memory errors associated with the results and parameters.
- Add a new faux-result to the results output for 'rpminspect'
- Use params.msg for reporting in check_bin_rpm_changelog()
- Add teardown steps in baseclass to clean up rpm build files
- Adding tests to validate file ownership and capabilities tests
- Added build cleanup in baseclass and fixed setUp typo - still testing
- Many more tests fixed - down to six failures.
- Fixes to mockbuild tests
- Fixed some duplicate class names and now passing all tests
- Added docstrings to all tests and other small bugfixes
- Added docstrings to all tests and other small bugfixes
- Formatting and style fixes
- Make sure only RPM files are passed to get_rpm_info()
- Update TODO list
- Return get_rpm_info() and add_peer() have void returns.
- When public headers change in 'changedfiles', do not free
- Check is eptr->data is NULL in find_one_peer (#142)
- Define EM_BPF if we lack it.
- Skip 'upstream' inspection if no source packages are provided.
- Add explicit librpminspect Requires to the main package.
- Add test cases for the 'upstream' inspection.
- Simplify how the versions are collected in inspect_upstream()
- Update translation template.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2020-db5a6ba79c

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