FEDORA-2020-eca786a240 created by robert 2 months ago for Fedora 30

ethtool 5.6

  • Feature: add --debug option to control debugging messages
  • Feature: use named initializers in command line option list
  • Feature: netlink: add netlink related UAPI header files
  • Feature: netlink: introduce the netlink interface
  • Feature: netlink: message buffer and composition helpers
  • Feature: netlink: netlink socket wrapper and helpers
  • Feature: netlink: initialize ethtool netlink socket
  • Feature: netlink: add support for string sets
  • Feature: netlink: add notification monitor
  • Feature: netlink: add bitset helpers
  • Feature: netlink: partial netlink handler for gset (no option)
  • Feature: netlink: support getting wake-on-lan and debugging settings
  • Feature: netlink: add basic command line parsing helpers
  • Feature: netlink: add bitset command line parser handlers
  • Feature: netlink: add netlink handler for sset (-s)
  • Feature: netlink: support tests with netlink enabled
  • Feature: netlink: add handler for permaddr (-P)
  • Feature: netlink: support for pretty printing netlink messages
  • Feature: netlink: message format description for ethtool netlink
  • Feature: netlink: message format descriptions for genetlink control
  • Feature: netlink: message format descriptions for rtnetlink
  • Feature: netlink: use pretty printing for ethtool netlink messages

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2 months ago

This update is marked obsolete because the F30 release is archived.

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BZ#1834893 ethtool-5.6 is available

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